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Its all about BIM

BIM adoption reached a high point this year according to the annual NBS National BIM Report 2017, seeing the most rapid growth since 2014 but there is still a way to go before the timber sector as a whole is confident in its use.

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Mass timber – the future of sustainable construction

Almost 20 years after its first use in the UK cross laminated timber (CLT) is yet to be embraced by many in the wider construction sector. Peter Wilson, architect and director of Timber Design Initiatives Ltd reviews a new publication which aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of modern solid timber technologies such as CLT and glulam.

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Building a homegrown workforce

A panel of world-famous architects recently warned that Britain could miss out on a renaissance in timber construction because of a lack of investment in building methods and skilled workers. With Brexit likely to further exacerbate the skills shortage how can the sector build a strong homegrown workforce for the future?

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At home in the market

Timber frame homes now account for over a quarter of the new-build properties in the UK and that number is continuing to rise as developers look to turn projects around more quickly.

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Protecting forests for the future

Sustainably managed forests can protect wildlife, local communities and the wider environment from the devastating consequences of deforestation but how can you ensure that the timber you are buying has been responsibly sourced? Michelle Gordon talks to the PEFC and FSC about what to look out for

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Is offsite the answer to the housing crisis

Offsite construction could hold the key to solving the housing crisis but does the sector have the skills and capacity to deliver the homes that are needed to keep up with demand?

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