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Woodsafe Press Releases

Woodafe Timber Protection wins WPA:s Project of the Year

Woodsafe took home the “Project of the Year” award at the Wood Protection Association (WPA) Award Event 2020. For the sixth year, the award has become a popular annual event in the UK as a relevant and important part of the wood industry. https://www.thewpa.org.uk/ Mjöstornet in Brummundal Morway is with 85,4 m above the sea level the worlds tallest wooden ...

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Unique concept for the production of flame-retardant wood

ALL-IN-ONE by Woodsafe offers a unique package of expertise where all parts of the flame-retardant wood production chain are gathered under one roof. “With our partner, we take control of the entire process. We guarantee our clients exactly the quality they want,” says Thomas Bengtsson, CEO of Woodsafe. As a purchaser of flame-retardant wood, it can be difficult to gain ...

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Woodsafe Timber Protection from Sweden sets sail for Britain

Woodsafe Timber Protection, one of Scandinavia’s leading companies in fire-retardant wood surface layers and fire-retardant wood products, is establishing in the UK. With 30 years of experience mainly in fire retardant wood cladding and fire retardant wood surface layers, Woodsafe Timber Protection now travels across the sea for new business opportunities in the UK. The company uses a method where ...

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