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Cederhusen in Stockholm awarded “Construction of the year”

This year’s Construction of the year award is the public construction sector’s most prestigious prize, which is awarded every year by the magazine Byggindustrin in Sweden.

The award goes to an individual construction project that was completed during the previous year and that kept a budget, had high occupational safety and created added value.

The name Cederhusen means that the houses have been given a cedar shingles facade. The houses meet all legal requirements regarding fire, acoustics and construction and more for today’s homes.

The jurys motivation is : “high ambitions have led to an impressive end result where each material has been chosen with care.”

Stockholm’s first solid wood project is based on a stable and complex basic construction that will provide a platform for everything that can happen in the busy tunnels and traffic under the houses. The cedar houses are being built on top of the tunnels/motorway for E4 / E20.

This is the first time ever yellow cedar shingles has been used in Sweden. Cederhusen is combined with red cedar and yellow cedar on the facade.

The façade of Cederhusen is a modern interpretation of the classic stone city of Stockholm, but wood has been used here instead.

The beautiful cedar shingles has been flame retardant impregnated by Woodsafe EXTERIOR WFX for exterior use and can withstand great stresses of weather and wind and have a natural protection against fungus and rot. The wood’s varying shades give both an elegant and genuine feeling.

Woodsafe Timber Protection’s expertise in flame retardant wood is an important part of the construction industry.

Woodsafe Timber Protection is considered one of the leading manufacturers with an impressive certification list of certified performances and hundreds of inspiring projects across Europe, including the world’s largest oak roof at Airport Gardemoen Pier Nord, climate-friendly airport and the world’s tallest wooden house in Norway.

Woodsafe Timber Protection is handling over 1.250 wooden made projects interior and exterior per year throghut out Europe to New Zealand. Woodsafe is a qualified and certified manufacturer according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

Daniel Pesic
Market & PR Manager
+46-(0)10-206 72 34

More info: www.woodsafe.com

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