Comments sought on Malaysian Timber Certification Council

Stakeholders from around the world are invited to give feedback on the revised Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme. Deadline for comments is 17 October 2020.

The Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC), the PEFC national member for Malaysia, revised the country’s national forest certification system following the entry into force of the revised 2018 PEFC Sustainable Forest Management standard. The national system is now undergoing the PEFC assessment process carried out by an independent PEFC Registered Assessor.

It must pass this process and be approved by the PEFC General Assembly before it can achieve endorsement. An important aspect of the assessment process is the sixty-day public consultation, in which stakeholders can give their comments and provide feedback on the system. The Registered Assessor will use the information received from this consultation in their assessment of the system.

Give your feedback now

In order to provide additional information, PEFC are organising a webinar to introduce the changes to this revised system. The webinar takes place 8 September, 11:00 CET.

Register for the webinar here

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