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Egger (UK) Ltd

Company Overview

EGGER (UK) Ltd. specialises in the design and manufacture of industry-leading commercial and domestic structural flooring solutions for UK housebuilders. Its Advanced Structural Flooring System comes with a unique lifetime guarantee and uses a simple installation process suitable for masonry, timber frame and offsite building applications. It is based on EGGER’s portfolio of structural P5 grade flooring boards – EGGER P5, EGGER Peel Clean Xtra and EGGER Protect. The boards feature enhanced moisture-resistant properties and a precise, diamond-tipped cut tongue and groove profile.

EGGER also offers a range of OSB boards, including EGGER OSB HDX, which is the ideal solution for offsite and modular housing and for use in heavy, load-bearing environments.

Products / Services Listing

  • EGGER Protect
  • EGGER Peel Clean Xtra
  • EGGER P5
  • EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive

Products / Services Summary

  • EGGER Protect: EGGER Protect is a true market leading structural flooring panel. Made from EGGER P5 flooring grade chipboard with a durable, anti-slip, weather-resistant surface layer. This surface layer is thermally bonded to both sides of the board, resulting in a product that offers permanent protection from moisture penetration both during construction and for the life of the floor. EGGER Protect can be fitted in light rain conditions and left exposed, once fully, fitted for up to 60 days. When used as part of the EGGER Advanced Flooring System, EGGER Protect is covered by our EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee
  • EGGER Peel Clean Xtra: Made using EGGER P5 grade chipboard, this robust tongue-and-groove structural flooring board is covered with an easy-to-peel, anti-slip woven surface film which helps to prevent against moisture ingress during the build process. When the film is removed, it leaves a polymer sealed surface, providing an added moisture barrier and a clean and well-presented floor ready for handover. When used as part of the EGGER Advanced Flooring System, EGGER Peel Clean Xtra is covered by our EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee.
  • EGGER P5: An enhanced moisture resistant tongue-and-groove structural flooring board, EGGER P5 is the backbone of our structural chipboard flooring products. Each board is machine profiled using unique diamond-tipped tooling to achieve a precision tongue and groove for a tighter, more consistent joint. When used as part of the EGGER Advanced Flooring System, EGGER P5 is covered by our EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee.
  • EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive: A vital component of the EGGER Advanced Structural Flooring System, EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive is a unique expanding D4 based glue. Supplied in easy to handle 1kg squeezy bottles means there is no requirements for expensive tools, applicator guns or joint sealing tape. Due to the unique foaming action, EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive is ideal for gap filling on uneven surfaces and joints.
  • EGGER OSB HDX: EGGER OSB HDX is a 30mm heavy duty, load bearing OSB panel for areas where previously 38mm chipboard would be used. With a board size of 2400 x 675mm, EGGER OSB HDX is 11% wide than 38mm chipboard yet still up to 20% lighter, meaning the boards are easier to manoeuver and quicker to lay. It is the ideal solution for mezzanine flooring, racking and shelving due to the higher point loads and UDLs.

Company Contact Details

Our Building Products Team are available to help with technical information, product enquires and availability queries. Telephone: 0845 602 4444 or from ROI, please call +44 1434 613304 or email building.uk@egger.com

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