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The benefits of our experience in structural timber design manufacture & contracting in the commercial sector, combined with our breadth of timber engineering services which include structural and Glulam engineered timber design and fabrication and on-site installation and management, ensuring the smooth integration with other site trades to deliver projects as diverse as retail, leisure, commercial, education and health, to budget and to programme.

Engineered timber is manufactured from the only truly renewable construction material, offering aesthetics, structural integrity & exceptional environmental benefits. Used extensively on mainland Europe in Commercial projects, & for many decades in residential applications, Timber Engineering & Glulam in particular, is emerging as a viable solution to economical “green” buildings for commercial applications

Glulam Solutions Ltd are one of the only timber engineering contractor offering a personalised & complete package of engineered timber services, including full structural design, & value engineering, off-site MMC (modern methods of construction) and on-site assembly, installation, & project management, all totally dedicated to the commercial & specialist domestic sectors.

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  • Glulam
  • CLT
  • Timber Certification
  • Energy Saving
  • Conservation
  • Design & Manufacture

Products / Services Summary

Glulam is an industrial manufactured product used for load-bearing structures. It consists of at least three layers of dried softwood boards or board lamellas glued together with their fibres aligned parallel to each other. It is normally made of European Spruce as standard, but on request it can also be supplied in Larch or other available species types on request.
The rapid development in recent years of timber engineering has resulted in many high-performance engineered timber products coming onto the market. One of these is glued laminated timber, more commonly known as Glulam. The benefits of the exceptional strength to weight ratio that Glulam offers makes it especially suitable for use in the load bearing structures of buildings and roof systems with long spans and especially where architectural beauty is a pre-requisite.

A glued laminated engineered timber (Glulam) component consists of small cross-sectional boards, laid so that the grain is parallel to the horizontal axis. Selected high grade timbers are located on the outer flange zone to give higher strength Glulam. The laminates are end-jointed by the process of finger jointing and therefore each individual laminate acts as a continuous structure.

Glulam engineered timber is used for its versatility and strength whilst its natural colouring gives a light and gentle touch to our structures. Glulam engineered timber can be produced to individual shapes, and can be straight or curved to achieve greater aesthetics for that truly unique and bespoke structure. Glulam has been used structurally to great commercial advantage across mainland Europe, USA and Australasia for more than 50 years.

Glue Laminated Beams (Glulam) / General
Glulam consists of at least three fibre parallel oriented glued board laminations. Glulam is generally exposed to bending stress so that the tension or compression areas will experience the highest strain. The layered construction of Glulam means that the laminations can be arranged according to their grade. Bending members are high grade laminations placed in tension. The compression zone follows the direction of the strain consists of lower lamination strength.

Stress Grades UK (Germany)
(according to DIN 1052:2004-08/EN1194:1999 and/orprEN14080)
GL24 h (BS11)
GL28 h/c (BS14)
GL32 c (BS16)
c =Combined layup
h =Homogenous layup

Wood species
European Spruce (picea app.), Larch are the common species used. Other less common species can be explored upon special request.

Wood moisture content
12% ± 2% at delivery

Waterproofed adhesives approved for interior and exterior applications, tested in accordance with EN 301/302

Lamination thickness
According to EN 386 – up to 42mm max

Widths: from 60mm to 280mm – Heights: from 100mm to 220 mm
Lengths: from 3m to 36 m (longer lengths & above 14m are subject to transport arrangements).

Glulam members are coated with a base preservative offering a temporary protection until erected and decorated in the final decoration unless agreed otherwise at time of order. All steel connection parts and fittings are galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461. Additional treatments can be supplied where agreed to components, such as lacquers, stains and varnishes allowing a final coat to be applied on site buy others. Steel connection parts, where specified, can have an intumescent coating applied on or off site where required.

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