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Hampton Conservatories

Company Overview

Hampton Conservatories Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke hardwood conservatoriesorangeriespool enclosures and commercial glazed extensions in the UK, Ireland & Europe. In North America our structures are designed and built by Town & Country Conservatories.


Hampton Conservatories Ltd can design and create a bespoke hardwood timber conservatory or orangery in a wide range of styles to suit properties of different styles and from different eras. Each wooden conservatory or orangery is individually designed and crafted to meet your requirements whether they are to create a new living space for your home or to add a new commercial space to your business.

Products / Services Listing

  • Bespoke conservatories
  • Kitchen conservatories
  • Solid roof conservatories
  • Custom international conservatories
  • Listed building conservatories
  • Townhouse conservatories

Products / Services Summary

Hampton Conservatories design and create bespoke conservatories in a wide range of designs to suit properties of different styles and from different eras, including Victorian Conservatories, Edwardian Conservatories, Georgian Conservatories, as well as Contemporary Conservatories and Modern Conservatories.

Each Hampton wood Conservatory is individually crafted to meet your requirements whatever the end use. Adding a glazed extension to your home can serve multiple uses from living rooms, dining areas and kitchen extensions.

Designing your new living space allows you to be creative and design a conservatory space to suit your families individual needs. When it comes to making a new living area that family and friends can get together Hamptons can ensure we design the perfect bespoke conservatory.

Conservatories and orangeries

Many people consider Conservatories and Orangeries to be pretty much the same thing. However, there are several main differences between the 2 types of glazed extensions you can add to your home. Conservatories have a completely Glass roof while an orangery has a semi-solid roof and tend to have a small proportion of glass over all.

Conservatories prove more popular with people who want to link the garden with the house and enjoy a large amount of natural sunlight to flow through the new garden room.

However, there has been a trend in more recent years for conservatories to prove more popular as an alternative to brick and mortar extensions on homes especially around the dining and kitchen areas of the properties.

A bespoke conservatory you will love

One of the most important issues when it comes to designing a bespoke wooden conservatory is to make sure it blends in with the architectural detailing of the building the conservatory will be added to.

Taking a plain and unused space in and around your home and creating an entire new conservatory living space can have a striking effect on the property as a whole. With over 35 years of experience in designing bespoke conservatories, Hampton’s have been trusted by lots of homeowners to create them a new glass extension for their homes.

If your project is part of a larger renovation, conversion or self-build proposal and you are thinking of instructing an Architect or already have, we have dealt with hundreds of Architects and have developed longstanding relationships with many of the top architects in the field. So we can create the perfect bespoke wooden conservatory that they have designed for you.

A wood conservatory by Hamptons

All of the bespoke wood conservatories designed and crafted by Hamptons can be created to suit any style of home from modern to period buildings. The design is everything when it comes to adding a hardwood conservatory to your home and Hamptons make sure the right design detail is applied to ensure they maximise on the proportions of your new glazed building.

No matter what space you have to play with, a glass extension can create an amazing new living area within any home. A small conservatory can give a property a treasured space within your house to enjoy reading, relaxing or whatever you like to do to unplug.

Bespoke conservatories can be added to the most unlikely of spaces that then utilise that space and create a valuable new room within the home. Creating this functional space within the property no matter how large or small can prove a great investment when space is at a premium.

Kitchen conservatories

In many homes the kitchen and dining areas of the home have become the main living space for family and friends. This has resulted in an increase of popularity in kitchen conservatories and conservatories for dining areas.

The kitchen is a create place to add a bespoke wooden conservatory as it allows for the design of the glazed building to spread more natural light around the existing kitchen and dining area making it an attractive and comfortable place to get together.

Wood conservatories on listed buildings

The designers at Hampton Conservatories have created numerous glass extensions for properties with listed building status. Formal architectural and design qualifications combined with years of experience has resulted in the perfect mix of skills necessary to deliver the sometimes complex and delicate task of producing a conservatory design solution that will be acceptable for listed building consent

Company Contact Details

218 Ballybogey Road,ortrush,
Co. Antrim
BT56 8NE


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