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Company Overview

Koppers Performance Chemicals is an industry leader in wood treatment and preservation chemicals. We develop revolutionary ways to pressure treat timber for residential construction, remodeling, commercial building and agricultural use. In addition to fire retardant treated wood products, Koppers provides essential products for utility companies and fundamental infrastructure. We take seriously our role as a critical supplier to vital industries. Wood preservatives and fire retardant products from Koppers Performance Chemicals are available to meet the most demanding construction needs. Koppers focus is on developing preservation systems and other associated technologies that are designed to help our customers offer the best products and build the most efficient treatment facilities.


Products / Services Listing

  • Aquatan
  • Fire Retardent Wood Treatment (Frameguard, FirePro, Fire-X)
  • Engineering Support

Products / Services Summary

    for in-can and low-pressure Use Class 1,2 &3a applications
    for all Use Class 3 & 4 applications
  • Aqua-Tan
    A colour system for commercial and domestic (in-can) decorative applications

Koppers FR range

  • Frame Guard
    Fire retardant for timber kits (during the construction phase)
  • Fire Pro
    Fire retardant treated wood products meet the requirements of HR (humidity resistant) and DI (dry internal) specifications. It is approved by London Underground for use in construction and maintenance projects. Certificate ID 1327
  • Fire-X
    an exterior grade, leach resistant (LR), fire retardant applied to timber by a pressure impregnation process

Company Contact Details

Fieldhouse Lane,

Tel: +44 (0)1628 486644

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