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Company Overview

Based in Dudley in the West Midlands, MiTek specialises in the development of software solutions for structural timber engineering and the provision of steel connector products for our floor and roofing systems.

Our Midlands manufacturing facility supplies our customers throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as France and Germany. An additional three European production facilities supply the rest of our European customers in Scandinavia and throughout Eastern Europe.

Products / Services Listing


  • Roof Trusses
  • Posi Rafters
  • Posi-Joists
  • Posi-Joist Span Calculator


  • Presses & Lasers
  • Saws
  • Machinery Service

Products / Services Summary

Roof Trusses
Roof trusses are used in the majority of new housing in the UK and Ireland and are increasingly being used in commercial and industrial settings.

A trussed rafter roof is a fully engineered structure delivering a practical and versatile roofing solution. When compared with a traditionally built roof, trussed rafters will typically deliver considerable material savings often using 40% less timber.

Manufactured offsite in factory controlled conditions, roof trusses offer immense versatility. A wide variety of truss configurations allow for a huge range of different applications, such as room in the roof (Attic) trusses, raised ceiling trusses, and scissor trusses. Trussed rafters can be manufactured in a wide range of timber sections, with larger sections allowing for big spans for a variety of commercial applications .

MiTek has the largest network of truss manufacturers, and when dealing with a MiTek fabricator you can be confident that you are dealing with a company using the very latest in design and engineering software, with the full backup of MiTek’s exceptionally experienced support team of technical experts.

Benefits Of Trussed Rafters

  • Suitable for a wide range of roof structures and building types
  • Speed of construction allows just-in-time delivery to site
  • Space saving – limited on-site storage area required
  • Made of timber, the only truly renewable building resource
  • Minimal environmental impact from installation
  • Significant installation time savings over traditional methods of construction
  • Potentially eliminate steel beams from the roof structure
  • Large and complex roofscapes can be achieved
  • Attic Trusses can maximise useable living space in the property
  • Spans of up to 18m can be manufactured

Company Contact Details

MiTek House
Grazebrook Industrial Park
Peartree Lane
West Midlands
United Kingdom


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