NorDan invests in manufacturing HQ to meet demand for timber products

TIMBER windows and doors manufacturer NorDan is to make a £7.5 million (NOK 100m) investment in its manufacturing headquarters in Moi, in south west Norway.

The aim is to increase the plant’s capacity and meet the growing demand for timber window and door products, particularly across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

By integrating the latest automation and smart manufacturing applications, NorDan revealed it will improve its already ‘state-of-the-art’ manufacturing facility, and further reduce embodied carbon in its manufacturing processes.

Moi is one of 12 European manufacturing plants wholly owned and controlled by NorDan, giving the company complete autonomy over its production and products, including quality control and research and development.

The Moi plant is also the home of NorDan’s StormGuard window range, a product the firm described as famed for ‘low maintenance, weather performance, security and 60 plus years’ service life’.

The three-handle tilt-and-turn window was first launched in the 1960s, with the latest generation again proving popular with Scottish customers prioritising home energy and cost efficiency, particularly in colder weather.

With over eight million StormGuard windows already sold, NorDan added that its popularity is set to grow further, as customers seek longer term return on their capital investment in building materials.

Craig Greenwood, NorDan UK’s MD, said, “One of NorDan’s biggest competitive advantages is our ownership of all our factories, so we can control all our manufacturing and choose how and when we reinvest in our production facilities. This means we can respond to the needs of the market and deliver tangible benefits to our customers. For example, the StormGuard range has a call back rate of just 0.7%, so the customer can have complete confidence in the consistency and quality of the product, because it is something we can guarantee.

“That’s all down to how our market leading manufacturing in Moi has evolved over almost a century, so a big investment there is great news for our customers in Scotland.”

Dag Kroslid, CEO of NorDan Group, agrees. “In NorDan, we have a clear tradition of investing in our factories, and it is very positive that our main factory at Moi is equipped with modern production technology at the same time as we focus on sustainability measures,” he explained.

To mirror the investment being made across the North Sea, NorDan is also in the process of expanding its Scotland headquarters in Livingston to include an industry innovation centre.

The £800,000 facility will recreate different building sites, with custom rigs, and a purpose-built amphitheatre, where visitors can experience StormGuard and other NorDan products first hand, as well as participate in training and CPD presentations.

Original source: NorDan invests in manufacturing HQ to meet demand for timber products | Project Scotland

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