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Online Products & Services Advertising

Subscribe to our new Products & Services Directory for only £250+vat for a whole 12 months!

Simply complete the online form below, add your text, logo and images and let us know which categories you wish to be included in. We’ll upload your data for only £175+vat and that’s for as many categories as you wish, a fantastic low cost way to get your companies products and services advertised on the Timber Industries number one web site.

Instantly keep the Industry updated, change of address, new products, prices, all at the touch of a button and we won’t charge you a penny more for this service.

To view an example of how your Products and Services listing will look, click here.

We’ll even auto renew your listings annually, so you won’t have to worry about slipping off the Directory.




Please fill in the following fields to supply us with your advert information.

Alternatively, you can submit a Word document containing the following information:

  • A company overview (approximately 200 words)
  • A product/service listing
  • A detailed summary of your products/services

If you wish to hyperlink some of the text in your Word document, we will use in your online advert.

Upload your Word document (DOC or DOCX file, 1 megabyte max).

1. Supply an overview of your company (approximately 200 words).

2. Supply a list of your company's products or services.

3. Supply a detailed summary of your company's products or services.

4. Upload your company logo (JPG or PNG file, 1 megabyte max).

5. Upload your first image (JPG or PNG file, 1 megabyte max).

6. Upload your second image (JPG or PNG file, 1 megabyte max).

7. Choose from the following list which products or services sector best applies to your company. Please select as many that apply.


Please read and accept Timber Media Ltd's Terms and Conditions before submitting your advert media.

Once you have completed the form, please press the send button and Timber Media Ltd will confirm your advert submission.