PEFC Stakeholder Workshops Prepare for Updated Standards

PEFC’s revised Chain of Custody ST 2002 and PEFC Trademark ST 2001 have now been approved by the General Assembly. Although published on 14th February 2020, there is an 18-month transition period before they have to be implemented.

Certified companies will not be expected to work to the requirements of the revised standards until they have first been assessed by their certification body at the point of annual audit/surveillance visit. UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) will need to ensure that certification bodies are working in line with our new standards before they can audit clients against them.

To train certificate holders on the new standards, they are hosting a series of interactive workshops for those involved in administering Chain of Custody systems. The first of these were held last month in Sheffield and London. The next ones will be held in:

Newcastle – Tuesday 12 May

Sheffield – Tuesday 23rd June

Bristol – Wednesday 16th September

They are free to attend.

If you’d like to register your interest in any of these workshops email:

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