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Company Overview

PIVETEAUBOIS is one of Europe’s leading and most sophisticated softwood sawmilling companies with over 70 years of trading experience producing and distributing high quality material into the construction, fencing, landscaping and pellet sectors.

Our range is broad, from CLT, Glulam, Finger-Jointed timber, cladding and decking to external UC4 treated timbers, composite material and pellets. PIVETEAUBOIS continues to be at the very forefront of timber technology and sustainability – pushing the capabilities of Pine, Douglas Fir, Larch and Spruce by continuously developing wider and more diverse applications for these sustainable and ethically sourced timber species.

Our passion for wood has always driven our family mission – to build a better, sustainable future for generations to come by making the most of every tree.

Products / Services Listing

Structural Components

  • Hexapli Cross Laminated Timber
  • Glulam (untreated, treated brown, grey or green and up to Use Class 4 – machining service)
  • Glulam floor or roof elements with T&G
  • Glued solid timber
  • Finger jointed timber
  • C24 (untreated and treated to Use Class 4)
  • CLS


  • Timber and Composite Cladding

Decking and Landscaping

  • Sleepers
  • Timber and Composite Decking
  • Composite fence panels
  • Acoustic panels
  • Crash barriers
  • Stakes and trellis material
  • Garden sheds, pergolas, carports
  • Timber swimming pools
  • Garden planters, benches
  • Machined rounds & landscaping timber


  • Pellets
  • Green electricity

Products / Services Summary

Structural Components

Company Brochure

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Product Brochures
Hexapli Cross Laminated Timber

Structural Components including glulam (Untreated/treated to Use Class 4 – Machining service), glued solid timber, kvh, cls, C24 (Untreated and treated to Use Class 4)

Timber Cladding

Composite Cladding

Timber Decking and Landscaping

Composite Decking

Timber fencing

Composite fencing


Company Contact Details

Studio F7 – Battersea Studios
80 Silverthorne Road
London SW8 3HE

Tel: 07821 807 788 / 07743 004 578
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

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