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Company Overview

The A.Proctor Group operates out of The Haugh in Blairgowrie, which has belonged to the family since the early 1900’s and now acts as the Head Office for the Administration departments and Customer Services. The Manufacturing, storage and R&D facilities are based on the groups 4.5 acre industrial estate also in Blairgowrie.

Our goal is growth and profit, through continuous improvement and development of our service and product range. All employees play an important part in this process and will share in our success.

The A.Proctor Group provides a wide range of quality, innovative solutions which are designed to meet the continuously evolving requirements of the construction industry. Our commitment to keeping pace with this progress has led to the group’s expansion, today encompassing five individual divisions.

Products / Services Listing


  • Wraptite External Air Barrier

Condensation Control

  • Roofshield
  • Fireshield
  • Procheck® A2
  • Procheck Adapt
  • Facadeshield UV
  • Reflectashield TF 0.81
  • Reflectatherm Premier
  • Reflectatherm Plus
  • Frametite
  • Frameshield 100
  • Cladshield
  • Procheck 500
  • Procheck 300
  • Building Papers
  • Procheck FR200
  • Procheck 125
  • Profoil 861

Acoustic Solutions

  • Profloor Excel Batten
  • Profloor Solo Batten
  • Profloor Solo Deck 23
  • Profloor Excel Deck 31
  • Profloor Dynamic Deck 26
  • Profloor Micro Deck 17
  • Profloor Levelling System
  • Profloor Dynamic Batten

Thermal Insulation

  • Spacetherm
  • Wraptherm
  • Spacetherm A2
  • Plusfloor
  • Plusboard
  • Ravatherm

Ground Gas Protection

  • Protech GM Super
  • Protech GM PP
  • Provoid
  • Protech VOC Flex
  • Accessories

Products / Services Summary

Condensation Control
The A. Proctor Group has been developing vapour permeable membranes and vapour control layers for over 25 years and have condensation control solutions for all areas of the building envelope.

Moisture vapour will pass through the various layers of any construction by both convection and diffusion. The objective is to ensure, by design, that the moisture vapour can disperse to the outside atmosphere without being cooled to below dewpoint temperature, thus eliminating condensation and associated problems such as mould growth.

Our technical services include condensation risk assessments for individual projects to confirm suitability of our membrane systems.

Vapour and Air Permeable Membranes Explained
As Building Regulations are demanding ever higher thermal efficiency in both commercial and domestic sectors, today’s building professional increasingly needs to consider air tightness as a way of improving the thermal performance of the building envelope, not simply adding more insulation. While considering airtightness the designer/builder must also be mindful of the implications for moisture and vapour management when improving the thermal efficiency.

Building terminology is now changing to talk about vapour permeable membranes, vapour control layers, air tight membranes and air open membranes, but what does this all mean? And how does it affect our thermal performance?

For example, no one would argue that a heavy knitted jumper will keep you warm, but up a mountain in a howling gale, the wind will blow right through it, rendering its high insulation levels ineffective. Adding an oilskin jacket will block the wind very effectively, however after walking up the mountain, it’s limitations as regards breathability will become all too apparent. A Gore-Tex jacket on the other hand, being both air tight, water resistant and vapour permeable, will maximise the effectiveness of the woolly jumper without any of the unpleasant sweatiness of the oilskin. In this example air openness would not be an advantage as it would not deflect the wind as required.

Company Contact Details

A. Proctor Group Ltd.,
The Haugh,
PH10 7ER


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