Protecting the Future of Construction

Low pressure preservative treatments have always been the preferred choice for protection of our construction timbers against the threat of decay or insect attack.  A new construction timber preservative treatment from Lonza has been designed with the future in mind.

Industrially applied preservatives provide an effective ‘envelope’ of protection around general building timbers including trussed rafter and timber frame material as well joinery components. The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) determines the active ingredients allowed in our wood preservative products. Designing, developing and manufacturing BPR approved products requires a depth of internal knowledge and expertise coupled with skilled resources to ensure that there is a long term pipeline of products providing continuity of supply. Lonza Wood Protection enjoys that internal knowledge and its skilled resources are always committed to developing next generation wood protection products.

The future of construction timbers requires a low pressure preservative that will not only meet BPR requirements but would bring an innovative and future-proofed system, environmentally advanced credentials, a new level of preservative performance and an operational ease of use. That product is called VACSOL 6118 and it is now available to treatment companies in the UK and other European markets.

Andy Hodge, Marketing Director of Lonza explains: “With the continued change to our climates, the preservative protection of construction timbers from decay organisms is more important than ever and we are committed to developing real world and future proofed options for our customers. New VACSOL 6118 is a proprietary technology to Lonza, designed, developed and manufactured by our own teams. It offers a simple conversion process and individual customer set up managed by our engineering and field technical teams. Promotional assistance is also available through our marketing team.

“VACSOL 6118 is a BPR authorised formulation. This brings big environmental advantages to our treatment customers and to the treated timbers they produce. We are supplying the new product in a concentrate form that is easily diluted on-site ready for treatment, reducing our delivery CO2 footprint. Our BPR authorisation also means VACSOL 6118 is safe to humans, animals and our environment.

“We have developed VACSOL 6118 for the future with novel and extremely powerful new actives as well as an innovative and effective ‘booster’ technology to the VAC-VAC treatment process. The new product will bring wider solution strength options to suit specific components to be treated, giving focused treatment uptakes that can help reduce treatment costs. VACSOL 6118 is supplied as a clear product but we can also offer a range a simple to use colour additives for identification purposes.

“This new generation BPR authorised VACSOL will be a step change in preservative protection for construction timbers ensuring that our customers will face the future of wood preserving with ease and face an ever-developing industry with a modern, competitive and safe solution. We promised our customers a timely, future-proofed continuation for their business. VACSOL 6118 delivers an exciting, innovative, real world result.”

For the complete feature read the Autumn Issue of Timber Construction

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