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Company Overview

Rotafix manufactures a broad range of specialist adhesives and grouts for the maintenance, restoration, preservation of old buildings plus the new build construction sectors.

The Rotafix method is a globally accepted method of connecting sections of timber using plates or rods in combination with adhesives that have been specifically designed for project requirements.

Rotafix products have been designed for application on site so can be used without the need for pressure being applied or heat being introduced. This makes them ideal for on-site assembly of timber construction projects.

Rotafix are recognised as pioneers and experts in the field of timber engineering.  We also have applied our technical expertise to also manufacture a range of products that have high-performance qualities and have minimal impact on the environment.

Products / Services Listing

  • Timber engineering, bonded in rods, consolidation, reinforcing and strength upgrading.
  • Masonry repairs
  • Floor coatings, anti-skid, decorative and hygienic.
  • Coatings for tanking, damp proofing and repellents
  • Flame retardants

Products / Services Summary

Rotafix Structural Adhesive (RSA)
Rotafix Structural Adhesive (RSA) is a high performance unfilled thixotropic slow setting structural epoxy adhesive which is used in timber engineering. The slow setting nature of the epoxy adhesive allows the manipulation of timber joints for a period of time. This is particularly useful for flooring boards, roofing sheets or complex joints. RSA is used extensively for:

Bonding rods and plates into timber engineering repairs, such as Timber Resin Splice
Upgrading timber strength using bonded in flitch plates
GluLam delamination repairs using rods
Construction in wood
Structural joint glue
Moment resisting joints
Stressed skin floors

Additional Information:
Compressive Strength: >60N/mm2
Tensile Strength: 38N/mm2
Tensile Modulus: 2GPa
Flex Strength: 70N/mm2
Bond Strength: 6-10N/mm2
Specific Gravity: 1.1
Workable for 6 hours at 20°C

Supplied with:
Cartridge set
Follower plate

Available Sizes:
400cc (Product code: 3552)
3 Litre (Product code: 3113)

Company Contact Details

Rotafix House,
Hennoyadd Road,
Swansea SA9 1UR


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