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We are the Scottish Government agency responsible for forestry policy, regulation, grants incentives, technical forestry advice and new cross border arrangements. Scotland has 1.4m hectares of forests that we regulate, support and promote. We also lead on the delivery of woodland creation targets.

Our Chief Executive is Dave Signorini. Our staff are split between our national office in Edinburgh and five Conservancy offices who lead the local delivery of our functions.

The Forestry Strategy 2019-2029 has a vision for forestry in Scotland: “In 2070, Scotland will have more forests and woodlands, sustainably managed and better integrated with other land uses. These will provide a more resilient, adaptable resource, with greater natural capital value, that supports a strong economy, a thriving environment, and healthy and flourishing communities.”

We work with partners in the public, private and third sector to help deliver this vision.

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  • Forests & People

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What is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)?

Some types of forestry project are likely to have a significant impact on the environment and SF might have to give formal consent for the work to take place. An Environmental Impact Assessment is used to determine whether consent should be given for work to go ahead.

The types of forestry work that an EIA can apply to are:

  • afforestation: planting new woods and forests, including direct seeding or natural regeneration, planting Christmas trees or short rotation coppice;
  • deforestation: felling woodland to use the land for a different purpose;
  • forest roads: the formation, alteration or maintenance of private ways on land used (or to be used) for forestry purposes. This includes roads within a forest or leading to one; and
  • forestry quarries: quarrying to obtain materials required for forest road works on land that is used, or will be used, for forestry purposes, or on land held or occupied with that land.

Area thresholds
The four project types each carry an area threshold. If your project is of one of these types then you should check the area thresholds that apply to that type of work.

If the area covered by your project is over the threshold for that type of project, then you must apply for a formal opinion to see if our consent is required before you can begin work.

Sensitive areas, such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, have low thresholds.

You should use the Screening Opinion Request Form (below) to apply for a formal opinion. You will be asked to supply information to help us form a decision, for example a map, a brief description of the project, a description of the environment likely to be significantly affected by the project, and any proposed measure envisaged to avoid or prevent significant adverse effects on the environment.

It is recommended that for all projects an Issues Log (below) is used to record any potential environmental impacts and the associated mitigation and avoidance measures.

  • Screening Opinion Request Form – for printing and completion by hand;
  • Screening Opinion Request Form – for saving to file and completing electronically; and
  • Template Issues Log (Word 20KB) – for saving to file and completing electronically.

Applying for consent
If our opinion is that the proposed project will have a significant impact on the environment, you must apply for consent from SF before you begin the project.

Your application for consent must include an EIA Report.

Summary of the EIA process
Environmental Impact Assessment of Forestry Projects provides more details on the EIA process.

Company Contact Details

Scottish Forestry
Silvan House
231 Corstorphine Road
EH12 7AT


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