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The quicker you know about the fire, the quicker you can fight the fire.
As a building’s first line of defense against fire hazards, the fire protection system’s importance must not be underestimated. The earlier a fire is detected, the better the appropriate measures can be taken to guide people out of harm’s way and limit property damages. This is why our fire protection systems rely on innovative multi-sensor technology to identify dangerous situations as quickly and reliably as possible. Our scalable solutions don’t only offer unbeatable accuracy but also intuitive operation for building personnel, installers and firefighters. And as they are easily expandable, you can be sure your business is optimally protected even if requirements change.

Products / Services Listing

  • Fire control panels and terminals
  • Automatic detectors
  • Manual call points
  • Special detectors
  • Input and output modules

Products / Services Summary

Fire control panels and terminals
Protecting places with efficient control and operation.

Modern fire protection systems offer a wide range of sophisticated functions. Whether these functions can be controlled effectively and all operational information is easily accessible even in emergency situations is a decisive factor. Therefore, our fire control panels and terminals are designed for easy and intuitive operation while offering comprehensive control features – so the people in charge can quickly make the right decisions. Our portfolio includes a wide range of fire panels as well as remote terminals for applications of all sizes. All of our panels and terminals are extremely reliable thanks to advanced safety features, such as degrade modes and standby functionalities. And with their intuitive interfaces and remote access capabilities, they make controlling fire risks as easy as it can be.

Automatic detectors
Protecting places with advanced fire detection

Fire detectors are the foundation of virtually all fire protection systems. However, this does not mean all detectors are the same. On the contrary, the requirements for reliably detecting fires vary as greatly as the application areas themselves: Fire detectors analyze the surrounding air to identify elements of fire, such as smoke, heat or carbon monoxide. This task may be relatively easy or very hard depending, for example, on the presence or absence of deceptive phenomena like exhaust gases and kitchen fumes. Therefore, our portfolio includes automatic detectors covering the whole spectrum from simple to highly complex signal analysis, for guaranteed fault-free detection under all circumstances. From data centers to industrial production facilities – we offer appropriate detector equipment for all environments, thanks to our intelligent detector technology (DA) and advanced signal analysis (ASAtechnology) that exactly matches the conditions on site.

Manual call points
Manual activation of fire alarms

As a means to manually trigger fire alarms, manual call points play an important part in building a strong defense against fire hazards. In stressful, dangerous situations it is essential that the alarm can be activated quickly, easily and reliably from all call points – whether they are mounted indoors or outdoors in harsh environmental conditions. This is why we offer a selection of both conventional and addressable manual call points for standard applications as well as robust heavy-duty call points for open-air and/or special industrial use.

Special detectors
Protecting places – no matter where you are.

Certain environments make the challenging task of effectively detecting fire-related dangers even more demanding: Areas containing highly flammable or explosive materials, poorly accessible spaces, and historical buildings with aesthetic or architectural restrictions are just a few examples. Our range of special detectors was specifically developed for all kinds of exceptional application requirements.

Input and output modules
Addressable modules intelligently connect and control detectors and peripherals

Addressable modules intelligently connect independent, potential-free make or break contacts. Two kinds of addressable modules are available: input modules and input/output modules. Input modules monitor devices responsible for alarm inputs and confirm signals or technical states etc. The input lines are monitored for open and short circuits. Addressable modules can be independently configured via a fire control panel for status or alarm messages. The input/output modules reliably control other equipment, such as door holders, fire dampers, smoke control systems, plant shutdown etc. Whatever the need, our fire protection systems provide the ideal addressable module.

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Sir William Siemens Square
Frimley, Camberley
GU16 8QD


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