Södra implements Trioworld Loop packaging solution

Södra continues to invest in circular solutions to reduce carbon footprint. Now implementing our Loop packaging specifically made for the forest industry with 30% recycled material, resulting in a 23% lower carbon footprint compared to virgin-material-based packaging. Södra is a forest industry group that processes the forest products delivered by its 53,000 owners into renewable, climate-smart products for international export.

“With the new packaging, we ensure high quality to our customers and at the same time take a new step towards a more circular business with lower emissions. This is a development we will continue to drive forward. On the challenges with sustainability, there is no finish line to pass and we are constantly working to be the market leader and develop our processes. The Trioworld Loop packaging helps Södra and our customers to contribute to a sustainable climate transition“, says Andreas Jonasson, Sales & Marketing Director at Södra Wood.

Starting September Södra will be using Trioworld Loop packaging on their products that consists of at least 30 percent recycled material. Compared to a virgin-based alternative, this reduces the carbon footprint by 23 percent. In the forest and timber industry, Södra is leading towards a more sustainable way to using flexible packaging. In Trioworld we are proud to be a part of this journey.

The new packaging solution based on recycled material builds on a long partnership between Trioworld and Södra. With great knowledge of the forest industry, we know the importance of effective protection against contamination, moisture, and as cover for felling residues. Moreover, we guarantee a strong packaging material that protects the products during transportation and storage. Together with our knowledge of recycled polyethylene, we strive to push the boundaries for more sustainable solutions without compromising on performance.

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