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Company Overview

SOPREMA is a global leader in waterproofing and insulation offering high quality products and technical expertise. With solutions for flat roofs, green roofs, walls, floors and much more through our range of products including bituminous, liquid waterproofing, single ply, hot melt, as well as XPS insulation, recycled cotton insulation and high-performance natural wood fibre insulation.

Our Products are backed by a range of Warranty schemes and many carry BBA Certification or FM Approval. With over 100 years’ experience in all construction areas, more than 8000 employees globally and 59 production sites, SOPREMA are here to support you with your projects. Our Technical Experts are on hand to assist from design through to Installation.

Products / Services Listing


Products / Services Summary

The SOPREMA product portfolio includes; Soprema bituminous membranes, Flag single ply membranes, Duoflex structural waterproofing, Alsan liquid waterproofing, green roofs and walls, thermal and natural insulation, metal decks, civil engineering waterproofing products, swimming pool liners and all ancillary roofing and waterproofing products and accessories. All of which are covered under a single-point, comprehensive, Insurance-backed warranty

The PAVATEX range of wood fibre insulation
PAVATEX by SOPREMA provides wood fibre insulation solutions for the modern building environment and is able to meet the needs of your project including roofs, floors, internal and external insulation. PAVATEX systems can help to solve a number of issues including thermal insulation in the winter, heat protection in the  summer as well as acoustic insulation. A truly sustainable product, PAVATEX helps to provides a breathable structure which is airtight and yet maintains the perfect indoor climate.

Company Contact Details

Soprema House
Freebournes Rd

Tel: 0330 058 0668

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