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Company Overview

Timber PAK SW Ltd was established in 2016 and specialises in the manufacture, supply and construction of domestic home and commercial timber frame panels. The company has over 100 years of experience and has to date completed substantial projects throughout the South West of England.

Timber PAK SW Ltd can provide the timber frames in the form of kits to be delivered on-site ready for erection by the contractor, self-builder or Timber Pak’s own team of frame erectors. Every timber frame kit comes complete with a comprehensive set of detailed drawings to allow for an easy and straight forward build. Timber Pak can provide a full design and build service or work from a client’s own drawings altered to Timber Frame working in partnership to reach the same goal.

New to Timber Frame? Unsure as a builder how to take advantage of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)? Timber PAK SW Ltd are willing to offer our expertise often “free of charge” to oversee and train your team of builders/contractors on how best to erect Timber Frames.

Products / Services Listing

  • Timber Frame Design
  • Timber Frame Productionn
  • Timber PAK Panels

Products / Services Summary

Speed of construction
The speed that timber frames allow for is incomparable to many other materials used in the construction of homes and buildings. Being considerably faster to traditional on-site methods, the build time for such properties is considerably reduced.

Advantages can include:

  • The building can be weatherproof in days after timber frame completion
  • Routing of mechanical and electrical items is straight forward after timber frame completion
  • Site build programmes are better adhered too
  • Simplifies on-site construction
  • Greater control of construction
  • Improved construction health & safety

Cost effective
Using Timber Frames is typically cheaper than the traditional methods. Whether you’re looking to build a timber house or property, Timber PAK SW Ltd ensure you save money on the products we supply.

You could save on:

  • Construction costs, time and materials
  • Operation costs, site build programs are not weather dependent
  • All costs are fixed which allows for certainty of budget

Building Performance
Timber frame properties are highly insulated, resulting in low heating costs. Whether you’re creating timber houses or a bigger scale property for commercial purposes, timber frames can help you save money in the long run.

Our timber frame construction is also proven to give our clients excellent acoustic performance.

Quality of product
Our timber frame panels are manufactured in quality-controlled factory conditions in South Devon with great access routes. The panels are manufactured and can be erected to fine tolerances.

All supply-and-erect contracts will have a dedicated contracts manager to oversee the timber frame element of the project. Being in this industry for many years, we have executed management and overseen completion of projects to the highest levels.

Company Contact Details

Unit 4-5 Redlake Trading Estate
PL21 0EZ


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