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Company Overview

Timbermark is a marking systems company dedicated to the timber industry. We supply a range of inkjet printer systems for sawmills, pallet producers and panel manufacturers.

Established in 2004, Timbermark has many years’ focus on the timber industry, with engineering development activity tailored to the application needs of the industry.

Typical sawmill applications include planer outfeed or transverse sorting systems. The planer outfeed can apply grade stamps at high speeds, up to 240m/minute. Transverse systems can work with external data such as grading systems or length measurement systems to apply marking on the top surface of the board or the end grain.

Pallet and box customers often use Timbermark’s inkjet systems for marking the components used in assembly, or on automatic 2-way or 4-way production lines. The 2-way system uses a low-profile print head to reach the bearer under overhanging deck boards, and the 4-way system uses a logo switching software to print a different design on each block.

Handheld printers are versatile and can be used in many different projects. Printing size varies from ½” (12.7mm) to 4” (100mm) with the high resolution Bentsai printers, and up to 2¼”(56mm) for the large character effect EBS Handjet, which includes the additional scan-to-print functionality.

Timbermark serves European customers from its base in Belgium, and has sawmill clients in Latvia, Benelux, France, Slovakia, Lithuania Portugal and Hungary.

Customers across the UK and EU can order our TIJ printers from our e-commerce site, This is most suitable for hand held printers, or standard TIJ printers for self-installation.

Products / Services Listing

    • Sojet Elfin range
    • EBS Handjet 250, Handjet 260
    • Bentsai handheld inkjet printers
    • Yeacode Oil-based & UV-curing range
    • Sawmill applications
    • Pallet applications
    • Handheld inkjet printers

Products / Services Summary

Sojet Elfin range

Sojet Elfin EII printer, with 2 printheads

These printers use the super-sharp Hewlett Packard technology, and provide simple operation along with easy installation and near-zero maintenance costs. Designs are made using logos imported on a USB stick and created using the touch screen interface. Sojet is based in China, and their products represent real value for money.

Thermal inkjet (a.k.a. HP technology) is state of the art in terms of reliability. The systems are solid state, with no pumps, tanks, or float switches. The print head accepts an HP cartridge, and if it is damaged or not printing perfectly, simply changing the cartridge gets production running again.

Most customers can self-install the Sojet machines, reducing the need for external visitors to site. The printer is supplied with an installation kit, so that the printer can be installed straight out of the box. The inkjet controller can be pre-configured and the messages designed in advance, as an inclusive service to customers.

This printer system is used with great success by several of the UK’s biggest sawmills to print logos, grade stamps onto planed timber surfaces. Other customers incorporate external data functionality to print length measurements and barcodes onto the ends of timber.

EBS Handjet 250, Handjet 260

EBS-260 handjet printing on wood

For a large character print the EBS-250 and 260 handjets print with either 16 or 32 dots. With large drop size and flexible programming, these print guns are suitable for rough surfaces. The EBS printers can also work in conjunction with a handheld scanner to reproduce data from machine readable codes such as barcodes.

Bentsai Handheld inkjet printers

Bentsai B30 printing HT stamps on pallet blocks

Bentsai is a product range of handheld high-resolution printers, using Thermal Inkjet cartridges.
The products are good value and print from 12.7mm to 100mm in height.

The smallest printer in the range is the pocket-sized B10 printer, which is programmed via your mobile phone using a downloadable app. The printer uses an ink cartridge incorporating a 12.7mm printhead to be able to print text, date codes, logos and barcodes. A B3 printer gives the same print size but is programmed via a touch screen.

The B30 uses a printhead that is 25.4mm/1” as standard, doubling the print height of the classic HP product. The mark is suitable for printing ISPM15 stamps onto pallet blocks and bearers. The high-resolution quality of the print means it can also be used to print logos and barcodes.

Finally, the largest printer in the range is the B80, which uses 4 of the inch-high cartridges to make a high-impact mark 100mm high. This is ideal for packing case manufacturers wishing to print shipping logos onto packing case materials. 

Yeacode Oil-based & UV-curing range

Yeacode printing 72mm high on timber pallet blocks

Yeacode printers offer the latest high-resolution technology, with a fully-featured touch screen controller, effective bulk ink supply system, and reliable high quality print heads.

This model is used in the timber industry by sawmills, and producers of pallets and potato boxes.

For sawmills the Yeacode D type 54mm head runs at fast speeds, up to 260 m/min at 150 dpi. It is suitable for planer outfeed and transverse grading applications. The controller can switch data at up 4x per second.

For pallets, the system at its simplest can be a printer mounted on a conveyor, marking blocks for assembly. For marking assembled pallets on an automatic nailing line, e.g. on the existing branding conveyor, Timbermark has a proprietary PC app to switch the designs for each pallet block and reverse the order on the opposite side.

With the addition of a UV-curing module, the same system can use UV-curing ink including a white pigmented reference. It can print onto wet-painted surfaces such as pallets for equipment pooling companies.

Potato box applications are also possible by printing logos in sequence a large-format design can be achieved. The print heads can be “stacked” 4 x 72mm, giving a 288mm print height with a single pass. The logo switching can produce logos of up to 5 x the single pass size.

Detailed summary of products and services focussing on a particular operation

Sawmill applications

The key feature of sawmill systems is the mechanical and controls engineering which form part of the project. The mechanical elements such as floating skids and height adjustment modules enable standard inkjet systems to be adapted to suit the heavy-duty and high-speed environment in modern mills.

Planer systems:

Sojet printing on sawmill planer outfeed

On the planer outfeed the inkjet does a superb job. The print is sharp and works nicely at speeds of up to 300m/minute. Timbermark’s system includes the mechanical arrangement to present the heads close to the timber, whilst protecting the components from impact damage and giving easy height adjustment for the operator.

A lower cost mounting arrangement including a mini skid and clamps is also available for slower lines.

Transverse systems:

Sojet printing on transverse lines

Printing across the timber gives a small target area, so it makes sense to print in high resolution. Print heads can be arranged to print onto the top surface, or the end of the piece.

On sorting lines, the system is mounted on a floating ski with servo motor height adjustment. From one controller the inkjet can mark in up to six places.

Transverse systems can use data inputs from a grader or PLC to produce variable content, such as grade information, piece length or bar codes. Controls can be customised, and additional modules can be included, such as bar code verification scanners.

For challenging presentations, a laser sensor separates pieces even if there is minimal or inconsistent gap between them.

Pallet applications

Yeacode printing 72mm high on composite pallet blocks

Our high-resolution printing systems are ideal for printing the ISPM15 heat treatment mark onto pallet blocks or bearers. The print quality gives good detail on the logos, and the electronics in the inkjet provide easy date coding for traceability.

Additionally, the inkjet presents a minimal fire risk, which is a consideration for running hot branders in a dusty environment.

On 4-way lines we have a PC controlled system, which switches the designs on the inkjet so that the pallet blocks are marked in sequence. The control app allows the user to select the three designs and run a print job.

On 2-way lines the system is adapted to fit under the extending bottom boards close enough to the bearers. A skid with an encoder and air knife tracks and cleans the bearer before logos, dates and HT marks are printed in high resolution.

For components such as blocks for hand assembly, or potato box boards, Timbermark supplies a conveyor with inkjet system arranged according the production requirements.

For stacks of painted pallets, the Yeacode can print in UV-curing ink onto freshly painted surfaces. The film of ink is polymerised by the UV curing LEDs, in effect drying before the paint. Timbermark has designs for a vertical track system where the inkjet marks the stack, synchronising the print onto each block.

Handheld inkjet printers

Bentsai B80 handheld printer printing 100mm high

Our handheld inkjet printers are battery powered and portable.

For a large character print the EBS-250 and 260 handjets print with either 16 or 32 dots. With large drop size and flexible programming, these print guns are suitable for rough surfaces. With a software upgrade, they can be paired with Bluetooth scanners to automate data entry.

Bentsai have introduced new print sizes for handheld printers and their range prints from 12.7mm to 100mm in height. The printers can use either water- or solvent-based inks to print on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces and a guide rail is available for all but the smallest printer, the B10, to ensure straight and level printing.

The range is ideal for custom marking timber with logos, barcodes, date and grade information. A group print function means that a number of messages can be printed onto each piece of timber. The printer rotates through the selected message group with each squeeze of the trigger, returning to the start after all the information has been printed.

For more information please email or call 0870 803 1877

Company Contact Details

Unit 1, Hall Farm Workshops
Mill Lane
South Moreton
OX11 9FD

Tel: +44 (0)870 803 1877

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