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At Timberpride our sustainably sourced British oak, hand crafted in the Cotswolds into homes and family spaces where generations will live, laugh and love, for centuries. This is our great purpose.

Sustainable Hand Crafted Oak Frames
Oak frames can create any building you can imagine, whatever the shelter you have in mind, be it a cathedral, house, stable or roof truss, the principles of oak frame carpentry remain the same. We choose to hand make all our frames here in Tetbury so our skilled carpenters can work with this natural quirky majestic raw material harnessing its greatest strengths and beauty.

The environmental benefits of building in oak are many, not least the tonnes of carbon locked into each beam in the structure for good.

We’re proud that Timberpride is a business with forestry at its heart, we understand ethical forestry practice, sourcing British Oak to our own set standards.

Our small devoted team will help to develop your ideas and create the frame you want, to last for centuries.

Products / Services Listing

  • Oak Cladding
  • Oak Flooring
  • Oak Tables
  • Oak Beams

Products / Services Summary

Oak Roof Trusses
Exuding elegance, style and character an Oak roof truss or feature truss adds the “wow” factor to any new build or extension.

An oak roof is formed with trusses and purlins which are the visible and dominant feature transferring the weight of the roof onto the walls.

A Feature Truss adds the style and “wow” but does not necessarily form part of the structure.

All Oak Trusses come in many different forms, performing different functions and creating different looks within your living space.

Types of Oak Truss Design
King Post Truss

  • The king post is the large central post running vertically up to form the apex of the truss, it can incorporate weight bearing struts or not.
  • The tie beam carries the weight transferred by the king post easily as it is working under tension.
  • Often employed at the gable end of the building where cladding or glazing is to be installed or where it is unlikely that a second floor would be required.

Queen Post Truss

  • Queens posts trusses have a pair of symmetrical posts on either side of the truss linking the principal rafter to the tie beam. Often these are positioned in-line with a purlin run to transfer the load down to the tie beam.
  • They can be used with or without a king post or collar.
  • Queen posts are traditionally curved, but this is not compulsory.
  • Queens positioned towards the outside of the truss will create the perfect opportunity for usable space in the attic.

Half or Mono Truss

  • As the name suggests this is one side of the truss.
  • Often incorporating half the king and queen posts if the span requires it, or that style is desired.
  • Half trusses are used for lean-to style extensions or garden rooms.

Company Contact Details

Timberpride Limited,
Quercus Road,
Gloucestershire GL8 8GX.


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