Timberworld launch ‘That Wood Work’ campaign

Timberworld in recognition of the inventiveness of its customer base, is encouraging its customers to think outside of the box as well – sharing cost saving ideas, tips that make the job easier and recommending alternative products. Today Timberworld launched the “That Wood Work” campaign designed to help joiners, carpenters, builders and tradespeople across the land, by sharing invaluable advice on workarounds and tips in these challenging times (and having a few laughs along the way).

Since the start of 2020 the world has been turned upside down by the global Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit, and climate change. These factors have had an adverse effect on building supplies, impacting on construction projects of all shapes and sizes.

This can clearly be seen in the timber market.  By the last quarter of 2020, imports of timber were already reaching record levels and there was no unsold stock in the UK. Imports continued at record levels right through Q1 2021. Demand is clearly a huge issue, but rising costs cannot be ignored. The Office for National Statistics has projected that the price of timber is expected to more than double during the course of the year. Which will have an impact on estimating jobs, and that’s before you consider lead times for delivery, with shipping costs on the rise too.

But it is not all doom and gloom.  Everyone at National Timber Group (the UK’s largest independent timber merchant which trades online under Timberworld) is working tirelessly to help improve this situation by identifying new sources of timber and identifying quality alternatives for the most restricted products.

If you are building a stud wall, hanging a door can be a nightmare, just chisel a sliver from the top of the frame and wedge a plumb line in – That Wood Work. When you need to accurately mark skirting boards, a small L-shaped block works a treat – That Wood Work.

Timberworld will deliver some “not to be missed tips” and, to keep everyone smiling, some examples of things to avoid for those who would rather not end up going viral or appearing on You’ve Been Framed.

Timberworld will invite their customers to share their hacks, or top tips. The weekly draw is open to anyone who submits a tip, and one lucky winner could win £250 of vouchers to spend at Timberworld. If your tip is chosen as the best individual tip of the week, you could win a £50 voucher to spend at Timberworld – so get your thinking caps on.

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