Trussed Rafter Association publishes updated roofing guidance for housebuilders

The Trussed Rafter Association (TRA) has updated its roofing guidance for housebuilders to include information about single-skin cladding for spandrel panels.

How to Build Compliant Spandrel Panels, which is endorsed by the NHBC, now has a page featuring fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard as an example of how single-skin cladding can replace two sheets of plasterboard either side of a spandrel panel, without compromising fire and acoustic requirements.

“The first version of the guide we published last year proved to be very useful to housebuilders,” said Jonathan Fellingham, TRA chairman.

“We decided to update the guide to add more useful information for housebuilders on single-skin cladding options for spandrels. We take our collaboration with the installers of our products seriously and are committed to offering guidance to increase quality and accuracy wherever possible.”

Throughout the guide there are technical drawings and 3D renders showing safe and compliant installation methods for spandrel panels. Where necessary these have also been updated to show closer detail of bracing, and to demonstrate different ways to restrain spandrel panels.

Further guidance will be published throughout 2018 providing the latest advice on all aspects of the design, manufacture and safe installation of roof components.



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