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TTF EFSM course delegates increase sales by over £6million across 17 members

Support your colleagues at the sales management awards presentation on Friday 27 November.

Delegates completing the ‘TTF Essential Foundations in Sales Management’ course have increased sales for their respective firms by well over £6 million in 2020.

The figures, which will be celebrated at an online awards ceremony this Friday 27 November from 11am, represent an incredible achievement with each of the delegates completing the course with an average increase in Timber product sales by over £250,000.

David Hopkins, CEO of the Timber Trade Federation said: “This is a fantastic outcome and represents an incredible return on investment for our members, their businesses and for their staff. This course is ideal for helping develop a proper structure and professionalism to the sales process. And it shows that by following this you can get incredible results! I’m looking forward to the awards event and hearing from our delegates and super timber sales-people of the future.”

The course is designed to help structure the sales process and professionalise the sales force. This not only increases sales; it also helps deliver an ethical approach to selling for your customers. It supports personal development and helps those involved add value to themselves and their company. Delegates learn presentation skills, how to use social media and online platforms as well as benchmark against their competitors.

The course was developed by Sue Reed of Reed Consultants Ltd and is accredited by the Institute of Sales Management giving delegates a world-wide recognised professional qualification. Those completing the course can take further studies through Reed Consultants, also in association with the TTF – in subjects such as Leadership, Operations, Customer Service and Project Management.

The EFSM course will be running again in 2021 and the TTF will be advertising to all members to join. In addition, TTF will be running four one-day “teaser” sessions through the year focused on the use of social media and online tools.

More information can be found via this link: https://ttf.co.uk/timber-sales-management-awards-2020/

For more information, visit ttf.co.uk


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