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Company Overview

White Wood Management offers experience, knowledge and a passion for woodlands, providing a suite of high quality services to plant, manage, harvest and process timber.

Our reputation stands with the quality of the trees we help to plant, manage, harvest and process; our practice spans the complete supply chain.

We manage woodland sustainably : maintaining a varied and irregular structure through the careful harvesting of individually selected trees. We aim to provide you with timber and services you can be equally proud of buying, knowing that you have helped to invest in the sensitive management of our region’s woodlands and at a price that literally, does not cost the Earth!

Products / Services Listing

  • Mobile saw milling
  • Kiln drying
  • Visual stress grading & CE mark for structural timber
  • Woodland management planning & advice
  • Tree planting, woodland creation & design
  • Volunteer group management
  • Woodland crafts and training

Products / Services Summary

Kiln drying
We offer a kiln drying service for both soft and hard woods – let us quote for the milling and kiln drying of your timber.

We use a dehumidification kiln. This uses a programmed increase in heat (up to a maximum of 55 degrees centigrade) combined with a controlled drying of the kiln chamber atmosphere. This allows the timber to lose its moisture gently without compromising on the vitality, quality and appearance of the wood on completion of the kilning process.

Timber is dried slowly in a controlled environment of circulated heated air to allow the wood to contract as it dries without warping, producing strong timber with a structural integrity suitable to be used in construction. A member of staff checks temperature and moisture content at regular intervals throughout the kilning process. On average the kiln drying process should only take between two to three weeks.

We can offer a full range of kiln dried planks, beams and other timber products, dried with care in our own kiln, via our Devon Timber website.

We can arrange for collection and/or delivery of your material as required.

We also hold a large, varied stock of air dried timber for you to select for subsequent kiln drying to meet your needs. Based on experience, we only put timber into the kiln that has been air-dried already: less timber goes to waste (from distortion) and the whole process is much more energy efficient and cost effective.

Please contact us to discuss all your timber and kiln drying needs.

Company Contact Details

The Timber Barn
Clifford Barton


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