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Company Overview

Arnold Laver (as part of The National Timber Group), have a number of production centres across the UK, including our recently acquired state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Stockton.

Our in-house Door Centres carry out work to meet our customers’ specifications in terms of material and timescales, offering a fast and efficient service for both the Housing and Commercial sectors. We provide a range of products and services for most door set and door and frame applications.

We manufacture doorsets, doorkits and screens offering a complete package tailored to individual needs. We manufacture to a wide range of specifications including veneered doors (book matched where applicable), laminated doors with concealed or exposed lippings, paint grade doors, HTM 58 doorsets and timber glazed screens. Fully certified doors are available with fire ratings from FD30 – 120 and Acoustic doorsets upto 44dB.

We are certified to supply and manufacture complete doorsets under the BWF Certifire Doorset Scheme, which is the leading representative for fire door manufacturers. All fire doorsets manufactured by Arnold Laver Intelligent Door Solutions are labelled / barcoded to ease traceability.

Products / Services Listing

  • Fabrication Centre
    Our dedicated Group production facility manufactures bespoke panels and components for a wide variety of applications.
  • Timber Treatment
    Arnold Laver can offer a range of industrially applied preservative and fire retardant timber pre-treatments for timbers being used either indoors or outdoors.
  • Laver Timber Systems (LTS)
    Laver Timber Systems (LTS) offers design, manufacture and technical support on every aspect of timber engineering for both domestic and commercial properties.

Products / Services Summary

Doors are a blank canvas in a wall desperate to be used as a piece of artwork… the boundaries are endless.

Doors are the natural transition from one room to another, whether situated in a home, hotel, nursing home, shopping centre, hospital or school … doors serve many purposes.

Doors are used to keep people safe and control sound. Sometimes you know what is behind the door and sometimes…. you are opening the door to new possibilities, opportunities or an adventure!

Every day we touch a door of some kind, on average 50-60 times! Make your door count!

Doorset Manufacturing Service
At Arnold Laver we offer a bespoke doorset manufacturing service which is designed to make installation as quick and easy as possible. It also provides the freedom of versatility whilst remaining compliant to regulations.

The entire manufacturing process is carefully controlled and monitored. From the selection of raw materials, through to design, precision machining, manufacture and technical support on every aspect of door provision for both domestic and commercial properties.

Company Contact Details

Arnold Laver
Bramall Lane
Sheffield S2 4RJ


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