Arxada: the evolution of wood protection technologies

At the beginning of the year, Arxada launched Vacsol™ 6118 to help meet the evolving needs of construction timber product specification, with a focus on reducing the overall carbon impact of a project.

Water-based and both metal and VOC-free, Vacsol™ 6118 is a low-pressure preservative treatment that has been designed with clear consideration to reducing the overall carbon impact of a project. Independent bodies, including the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), have reported that favouring timber over high carbon materials such as concrete and steel is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions.  More recently, at COP26 the important role that timber construction can play in the fight against climate change was showcased.

With this in mind, wood protection technologies can often be overlooked during the specification process with the perception that they are very much like-for-like. However, like any other product, treated timber needs to evolve with changes in the marketplace.  This is why Arxada has developed Vacsol™ 6118, a new industrial low-pressure preservative, that not only provides the very best long-term protection but has been designed with clear consideration to reducing the overall carbon impact of a project.

Vacsol™ 6118 is a BPR-authorised, water-based low-pressure wood preservative that provides an effective ‘envelope’ of long-term protection against fungal and insect attack around general building timbers and joinery components. With an innovative booster technology (known as ‘VAC-VAC’), it provides effective long-term protection against fungal and insect attack for Use Class 1, 2 and 3 (coated) timbers. For Use Classes 1 and 2 it can deliver the desired service life of 60 years.

What really sets Vacsol™ 6118 apart from other water-based preservatives, other than its performance, is that it is both metal and VOC-free and has been formulated with a focus upon recyclability and reuse of treated timber at end of-life. Also, looking at the overall carbon impact, Vacsol™ 6118 has been designed as an easy-to-use concentrate that is diluted on-site to meet individual business requirements, helping timber treaters reduce their own carbon footprint.

Andy Hodge, marketing director for the EIMEA Wood Protection division, reveals that there is ongoing product development to ensure that Arxada can help further reduce the carbon impact of wood related construction projects. “Following the successful release of Vacsol™ 6118,” says Andy. “We hope to launch a metal-free version of Tanalith™ high pressure wood preservative early in 2022. In addition, as a global wood business, our colleagues in North America have been working on a water-based industrial sealant technology.

“LotusPro™ is a high-performance, mould-resistant coating for mass timber and other engineered wood that offers today’s mass timber products superior protection against moisture, staining and dirt pick-up, whilst not impacting the natural appearance of the timber. This technology is being evaluated for the European market and I welcome contact from any interested parties who would like to partner in this evaluation, especially in homegrown CLT projects.”

* Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

You can read the full Cover Story feature in the Winter Timber Construction magazine

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