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CAGE LADDERS, safety at work for people going up and coming down

CAGE LADDERS are the ideal solution for safe access to roofs, machinery, chimneys, silos and other workplaces at height or depth. Thanks to the wide range of available elements, the system can be customised to suit the user’s needs.

Thanks to the aluminium alloy, CAGE LADDERS offer high mechanical resistance and resist corrosion and weather.

They are designed to facilitate assembly and promote ergonomics during use, as well as guaranteeing maximum safety to the user and give the installer the serenity that comes with a reliable product.

The ladder can be equipped with various accessories according to the needs of the construction site, including the landing handles, useful for ensuring stability to the operator both during landing and in the first part of the descent, and the safety lock, to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing the ladder.

The cage rings are available in a version that complies with Legislative Decree 81/2008 and in a version that complies with EN 14122-4.

In addition, various components such as rest platforms for dividing the staircase section, side landing platforms and elements for special fastening in particular situations, such as special assembly in manholes, are also available.

See all the specs here: https://www.rothoblaas.com/products/fall-protection-system/collective-protection-device-cpd-and-accesses/cage-ladders

To view and download the catalogue visit www.rothoblaas.com


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