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In conversation with Kat Scott

2020 was meant to be the ‘year of climate action’ and super year for the climate and forests. At the Timber Trade Federation, we are eager to continue these much needed conversations.

Our first ‘In Conversation with’ was with Kat Scott, Architects’ Climate Action Network coordinator. Kat facilitated discussion from ACAN, engaging with David Hopkins, CEO of the Timber Trade Federation, in conversation about climate change with a focus on tropical timber.

She examined Dave on the environmental impact of timber – asking what you have always wanted to know but might have been too afraid to ask – as Dave set out the case for the use of FLEGT licenced tropical timber.

The conversation between the pair, demystified FLEGT licensing, and got to the heart of important questions for designers, makers and specifiers conscious of the significance of a material’s provenience and supply chain. You can watch the full video below, which was live streamed to the Building Centre’s Instagram on Thursday 20th August.

Conversation focused on:

  • Why tropical hardwoods and FLEGT? – Including information on FLEGT, misconceptions of tropical timber and deforestation
  • Soil drying / forest fires and the potential for FLEGT to reduce deforestation
  • The process of FLEGT 
  • Sustainable Forest Management
  • Uses of and applications of tropical hardwoods
  • Conveying of messages to stakeholders

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