Property consultants Bidwells releases Winter 2017 Timber Price Database

Property consultants Bidwells has released its Winter 2017 Timber Price Database for the period April to September (inclusive).

It collates data returns from 75 sales transactions covering almost 615,000 cubic metres of timber traded predominantly in Scotland as well as Northern England and Wales.

With a standing value to growers of over £14,000,000 the results provide a reasonable snapshot of timber prices achieved in the private sector during the reporting period.

When compared to the returns in for October 2016 to March 2017, there looks to be little significant change in prices paid.

The range of prices being achieved for individual lots of similar average tree size is vast, and depends on factors such as species, timber quality, location and ease of working but a greater number of samples would be needed for a more in-depth analysis of the figures to be carried out

Further data shows there is a lot of coniferous timber being felled in the private sector, and this sample reflects only a small proportion of it.

Reports are produced on a sixth monthly basis and new contributors are welcome. All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

The report can be viewed here.


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