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Sergelhusen in Stockholm was awarded the LEED Platinum certificate

This is the fourth LEED V4 BD + C certified project in Sweden and the second Swedish project to reach Platinum. LEED is considered to be the most internationally known assessment system, developed and administered by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The Sergel houses are developed with a strong focus on social and environmental sustainability and are in many ways groundbreaking.

Preservation of existing concrete frames, water saving and innovative energy solutions are some of the reasons for the high rating that the project has now received.

Solutions implemented to achieve such high scores are, rainwater management used for irrigation and toilet flushing, large roof terraces with fantastic views of the city, equipped with plants and plants that bloom from early spring to late autumn and a smart power control to reduce the load on the electricity grid.

Some of the facades are also cedar shingles (Western Red Cedar) which are flame retardant and protected by Woodsafe Exterior (WFX).

A fantastic view of Malmskillnadsgatan and a nice stop next to Brunkebergs torg’s green area.

The transformation of the block connects Malmskillnadsgatan with Sergels torg, which makes it possible for people to move in new patterns and easily get up to Malmskillnadsgatan and Brunkebergstorg.

This is the fourth LEED V4 BD + C certified project in Sweden and the second Swedish project to reach Platinum. Sergelhusen is a LEED campus certification with three different buildings. House S reached 90 out of 110 possible points, which is the highest score in a LEED v4 / v4.1 BD + C Core & Shell certification in the world. Houses M and H reached 89 points and are thus second highest.

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