TRADA launch new 2021 online learning programme

TRADA is launching a new online learning programme, with sessions to predominantly take place on the first Tuesday of every month.

The programme will explore the biggest topics affecting the timber industry today and consolidate them into helpful bite-sized sessions, designed to fit perfectly into your lunch break: each session will take an estimated 60 minutes and run 12:00–13:00 GMT.

These sessions are free to all TRADA members – including the students of all University members. However, non-members can also participate at just £30 a session. The sessions have been designed for different levels of expertise – introductory, intermediate and advanced levels – and different pockets of the construction industry. When a session is suitable for a particular group of people, this will be highlighted.

The programme will generally be delivered in-house by TRADA’s timber consultants or BM TRADA & Warringtonfire assessors and engineers, but external professionals will also be invited to participate based on their specialisms.

Rupert Scott, TRADA’s membership and marketing manager, said: “We have purposefully selected the areas we are focusing on within this online training programme. These are areas which crop up again and again, because professionals and industry members can’t easily find the answers they’re looking for. Our goal with this online programme is to help people connect the dots and support all the members of the timber industry as they establish what a future post-COVID and post-Brexit looks like.”

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