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An exciting month ahead for TDUK

As we head into July, I thought it would be a good time to provide a quick update on the exciting activities happening at TDUK.Beginning with education, we’re delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) and the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE). With ENU we are creating the largest, comprehensive online library of technical specification and design guidance in the UK. From launch, we will have 150 reports authored by leading wood science and timber specialists covering topics from wood anatomy through to explanation of standards and specification of mass timber products. All of these reports will be free to download and use for all members of TDUK.In addition, as part of our mission to grow the use of wood through the education of a future generation of specifiers, these reports will be used to underpin and inform a set of short practical courses being developed by NMITE’s Centre for Advanced Timber Technology (CATT) in partnership with TDUK. These short courses, due to launch in the Autumn, known as “Timber TED” will be aimed at giving learners practical experience in solving design-based challenges, using the TDUK Knowledge Library.Another exciting educational development comes in the form of our University Design Challenge which concludes this month. The University Design Challenge is a unique initiative, giving students the chance to work in multi-disciplinary teams – rather than the silos they sometimes study in – on a real-world site, collaborating and competing with peers from across the country. This year’s challenge was to design an exemplary community building that produces more energy than it consumes, at Southside in Hereford.The award ceremony will take place on 22 July in Hereford, where the judges have the unenviable task of choosing a winner from this year’s excellent cohort! We look forward to welcoming all the entrants for an action-packed day of competition and celebration. This month will also see the deadline for entries into the 2022 Wood Awards, back by popular demand, has now been extended to 15 July. The Wood Awards is the most prestigious award in the UK for wood-based buildings, interior design and furniture projects and we hope the extended deadline will add to the already exceptional entrants in this year’s competition. Be sure to get your entry in before the deadline here.Finally, there has been an exciting policy development in the last few weeks as the Embodied Carbon Bill, initially tabled by Duncan Baker MP, has returned to parliament under the helm of Jerome Mayhew MPTabled on 20 June, this motion aims to ensure that whole-life carbon emissions are reported upon construction and that legal limits are in place to ensure embodied emissions are reduced, following on from a campaign by the construction industry for the inclusion of a ‘Part Z’ in building regulations. The bill is due for a second reading on November 25.Embodied carbon is a huge problem in the UK, accounting for up to 75% of a building’s lifetime greenhouse gas emissions. By regulating these emissions, the government can incentivise the use of low-carbon materials such as timber and achieve both its climate change and sustainable housing goals. For this bill to progress, however, it needs considerable support from across the house. We call on our members to back this bill by writing to your local MP using this template letter.The letter contains highlighted areas that simply need to be filled out according to your personal details. If you have any questions regarding this bill or the letter, please do not hesitate to contact Jack who will be happy to help.Have a great week all.

CPA State of Trade Survey Q2

A quick reminder that the State of Trade Survey for Q2 is open until the end of Monday 11 July.

Complete the survey here

Timber Development UK News

UKCA marking updateAs we approach the deadline in the UK for the ending recognition of CE-marked construction products, the UK Government has recently (20 June) announced a change of policy. They have stated that:“For products subject to AVCP System 3 testing, the UK mark may be affixed on the basis of testing conducted by an EU recognised notified body for the purpose of CE marking where this testing was done before 31 December 2022”.

TDUK moves to set skills agenda for timber construction

Timber Development UK (TDUK) has signed a strategic partnership with Edinburgh Napier University and the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE) to improve knowledge and skills in timber design and construction.The partnership will see Edinburgh Napier University produce a written library of technical documents which will be made free to all TDUK members. This will underpin a set of short practical courses being developed by NMITE.

Guard against early joist failureAs we head into what we hope will be another long, hot summer, Timber Development UK and the Timber Decking & Cladding Association are working together to give merchants the resources they need to sell the correct components for timber decking.

Update on the Northern Ireland ProtocolAfter a minor absence, Brexit was back on the parliamentary and media agenda last week as MPs voted on the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill.This bill aims to change the part of the 2019 deal that introduced post-Brexit checks on goods sent from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

Coniferous Plywood Quota

UK Importers have access to a duty-free quota of 167,352m³ of coniferous plywood to be imported into the UK and Northern Ireland, after which 6% duty will be applied. Amount remaining: 0m³Percentage remaining: 0%

Wood Awards | Bishop Edward King Chapel

The project is a new chapel for Ripon Theological College, to serve the two interconnected groups resident on the campus in Oxfordshire, the college community and the nuns of a small religious order, the Sisters of Begbroke. The brief asked for a chapel that would accommodate the range of worshipping needs of the two communities and provide a separate space for the Sisters to recite their offices, a spacious sacristy, and the necessary ancillary accommodation.Inside, the glue-laminated timber frame both animates and organises the nave of the chapel.

Read more on the Bishop Edward King Chapel, a 2013 Wood Awards winner

Timber job opportunities | Brooks Bros Ltd

Trainee/Assistance Environmental Compliance Manager

The successful candidate will help drive environmental improvements across the company’s operations and purchasing. Working closely with staff, they will also engage with the suppliers, customers and NGOs.There is a need to increase capacity within the department to address increased work resulting from Brexit. They will provide cover for the Environmental Compliance Manager during leave.Key responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the maintenance of a robust due diligence system to ensure compliance with the EU & UK timber Regulation
  • Working with external service providers
  • Handle queries from customers and stakeholders
  • In-house technical expert in Chain of Custody certification (FSC, PEFC etc.)
  • Monitoring the company’s compliance in accordance with regulations and internal policies and ensure they are up to date with the relevant laws
  • Ensure environmental compliance is successfully incorporated into company procedures
  • Performing routine risk assessments to help company and auditors understand compliance risk, scope and significance

Cover for the Environmental Compliance Manager includes:

  • Working closely with the Board and purchasing team to manage compliance risk
  • Reporting to the Board of Directors
  • Representing the company at external events and boards
  • Interfacing with the UK Competent Authority and stakeholders

If you are interested, please email your CV to Ms Filipa Santos

Webinar Series | designTimber

Learn directly from the architects and multidisciplinary teams behind four incredible projects, as selected from winners of the Wood Awards 2021, in a new online series.13 July – Wooden Annex14 September – Built Pavilion

View the full designTimber collection here 

Catch up | designTimber

Magdalene College Library 

Hear from the architects and engineers as they go into detail on the design and process behind the Magdalene College Library.

Watch on YouTube here

Catch up | designTimber

The Welcome Building, RHS Garden Bridgewater

Hear a presentation from the team who built The Welcome Building, RHS Garden Bridgewater and learnt more about the design and processes behind this spectacular building.

Watch on YouTube here

For more information, visit

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