Blenheim Estate offering Christmas Tree recycling scheme

Blenheim Estate is inviting people to join a green recycling scheme and drop off their used Christmas Trees once the festive holidays are over. The Oxfordshire estate will be operating the recycling scheme from Saturday 7 January until Sunday 15 January, there will be drop-off points at the Estate Office between these dates.

Anyone can recycle their tree at Blenheim Estate, it doesn’t have to be one that was purchased from the estate.

Head of Estates at Blenheim, Rachel Furness-Smith, says the scheme is a low carbon and environmentally friendly way to dispose of the Christmas centrepieces.

“We’ll be taking these old Christmas trees and turning them into chipping, which will be used in projects across the Estate,” she said. “From tree planting to mulch for projects within the formal gardens, it’s a useful biomass and a resource that we’d happily keep in the local vicinity to improve our own biodiversity. The way conifer trees decompose when turned into mulch means they’re a great layer to help plants in beds and newly-planted trees withstand the cold temperatures in January and February,” she added.

Blenheim Estate grows Christmas trees in Oxfordshire and new saplings are planted each year by the forestry team taking six to eight years for a tree to grow tall enough to be ready for a home at Christmas time. Directions to access the Estate Office for tree recycling drop off are available on the Blenheim Estate website and signage onsite will highlight where to drop off trees.

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