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British grown alternatives to costly Canadian Cedar

A more sustainable approach to sourcing timber

Construction companies and builders are struggling to get hold of timber stock at the moment, with Canadian Cedar in short supply. At Vastern Timber, we believe in a more sustainable approach to sourcing timber, preferring to procure the majority of our timber from forests in the UK. This is not only better for the environment but simplifies supply chains and it can reduce costs too.

British Western Red Cedar
Cedar is naturally durable, stable and lightweight, making it the perfect choice for exterior cladding. British grown cedar is more knotty than Canadian cedar, however it is also considerably cheaper.

Brimstone® Poplar
If a knot-free more modern finish is desired, Vastern Timber have developed an increasingly popular range of thermally-modified home-grown timber cladding called Brimstone®. Using British grown ash, poplar and sycamore, these timbers are transformed by a non-toxic thermal-modification process, which changes the way that water reacts with the wood, producing a durable and very stable timber cladding.

Brimstone Poplar provides a knot-free finish, is just as durable as Canadian Cedar and like British Cedar, is much more cost effective too. Brimstone Poplar is a great alternative when a crisp and modern finish is required and it comes from trees, grown here in the UK.

British grown alternatives in stock at Vastern Timber
At Vastern Timber we have British grown timber in stock, which are more than suitable alternatives to currently hard to come by and extremely expensive timber from abroad. We’re keeping our prices competitive, working to a 4-week lead time as standard, and we’re working hard not to let anyone down.

Timber shortages and soaring prices are further highlighting the UK’s unnecessary reliance on imported timber. Our British forests provide a readily available and cheaper alternative to costly imports. There’s no need to pay over the odds when British grown alternatives are readily available and often more cost effective too.

Brimstone poplar cladding, at the Wood Centre for Innovation Science Park, Oxfordshire

Case Study: Brimstone Poplar clads inspirational science park
The development of a new science park in Oxfordshire required a cladding that would be durable, cost-effective, and sustainable, in the truest sense of the word. Vastern Timber supplied 1400 square metres of Brimstone poplar to this inspirational science park. “It’s hugely satisfying to see such a large development entirely clad in homegrown timber,” said managing director Tom Barnes.

Vastern Timber is one of the UK’s largest hardwood sawmills, and specialises in locally grown timber. Find out more on our website:

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