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Making what seemed impossible possible? We have done it. Now it is your turn.

During the last four years we, as Rothoblaas, have dedicated much of our energy to an ambitious project that has considered for the first time in the world the development of metal connectors for the construction of flat CLT floors that are placed precisely. The research project was carried out in collaboration with the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and certification bodies, and was co-financed by the Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG). The development of the CE-certified and CE-marked SPIDER and PILLAR connectors, two truly revolutionary systems for multi-storey timber construction, ended in an exciting way.

What are SPIDER and PILLAR, besides being the protagonists of our competition?

SPIDER is the system which makes it possible to build timber skyscrapers with a column-to-floor system, eliminating all the beams and offering the possibility of creating free spans of more than 7 x 7 m. In addition to multi-storey buildings, SPIDER opens new architectural horizons, making it possible to create structures with large spaces, a reduced number of columns and large windows.

PILLAR allows the construction of floors with column-to-floor system without beams, without the need of special connections between panels and with free spans greater than 3.50 x 7.0m. It is excellent for multi-storey buildings on columns where, hidden inside their footprint, it allows to achieve floor finishes with reduced thickness. It withstands compression up to over 500 tons and used in combination with the SPIDER system is ideal for use on columns in the corners or on the perimeter of the structural mesh.

For more information on SPIDER and PILLAR visit:

Now that you know them, the time for dreaming is over.

There are solutions, the time is here. Now is the time to reopen the drawer that has guarded that dream of a world where the building standard is timber and start believing in it. There is nothing impossible with technology at our side.

Now it is time to dare.

This is why we have decided to launch a challenge to everyone: a competition aimed at designers, builders, clients and why not, even for those who are not professional designers: students, graduate students or researchers. No territorial restrictions, the scope is international!

The purpose of BUILD THE (IM)POSSIBLE is to put the spotlight on innovative projects from the point of view of both design and collective interest because, unlike concrete, wood is a valid tool to reduce the ecological footprint given by the construction industry thanks to a very low “carbon footprint”: in fact, timber is capable of storing more carbon dioxide than is emitted for the collection, transformation, transport and assembly operations that will transform it into a house. At Rothoblaas we firmly believe in these concepts and in our thirty years of history we have tried to develop innovative, simple and effective solutions at the service of timber-related building technology.

We believe in environmental sustainability, respect for the environment, society and healthier and more conscious lifestyles.

If you also believe in our ideals this is the perfect challenge for you!

We are ready to challenge your creative genius: will you be able to surprise us?

Follow this link and get involved, nothing is impossible:

To view and download the catalogue visit

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