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Company Overview

Combilift was established in 1998 when it launched the C4000 model – the world’s first engine powered, all-wheel drive multidirectional forklift. Since then it has developed a wide range of innovative solutions for the safe, space saving and productive handling of the various loads that are moved around on a daily basis in the timber sector, such as long and bulky products, pallets and oversized loads.

The ever growing range, exported to over 85 countries, now encompasses sideloaders (4-way and 2-way), stand-on forklifts, the Aisle Master narrow aisle articulated trucks, and straddle carriers and mobile gantries for handling containers and extreme oversized loads. Combilift has also seen very high demand for its pedestrian models, the first of which, the Combi-WR reach stacker, was launched seven years ago. There are now around five different pedestrian models available, including a multidirectional reach stacker, a counterbalance stacker and powered pallet trucks.

Customisation is key: practically every Combilift that rolls off the production line is a one-off, designed and built according to the specific requirements of customers, who can choose between power options, specify cab types, mast heights, fork lengths, platform sizes, as well as a host of other features and attachments.

Products / Services Listing

Combilift is the global leading manufacturer of specialist solutions for the safe, space saving and highly productive handling of long and bulky products, containers, oversized loads and palletised goods. Its range includes multidirectional forklifts and sideloaders, compact Combi-CB counterbalance design 4-way forklifts, stand-on trucks, straddle carriers and mobile gantries – all customised to individual customer requirements. The ever growing range of pedestrian reach and counterbalance stackers can operate in confined spaces whilst offering the highest levels of safety for operators and other personnel nearby.

Designed and built in Ireland and sold in over 85 countries, all Combilift products have a proven track record of reliability for robust, long life and versatile operation. With lift capacities from 1t to over 100t depending on model type, a choice of power options (electric, diesel or LPG) and a wide variety of attachments, Combilift can provide the solution to even the most demanding handling requirements.

Products / Services Summary

  • Combi-C Series: multidirectional forklifts with lift capacities from 2t to 25t for safer, space saving and productive handling of long loads.
  • Combi-CB range: the first forklifts to combine compact counterbalance design with multidirectional capability. Ideal for pallets as well as long loads.
  • Sideloaders: 3-wheel multidirectional models; 4-wheel 2-way models; ST and GT stand-on sideloaders. Up to 6t capacity depending on model type.
  • Pedestrian trucks: 5 models including the Combi-WR pedestrian reach stacker, the Combi-WR4 multidirectional reach stacker, the Combi-CS counterbalance stacker and powered pallet trucks. Narrow aisle operation, safer handling guaranteed.
  • Aisle Master narrow aisle articulated forklifts: double your storage space with these ingenious trucks that can work in narrow aisles in the warehouse as well as in the yard for time saving handling.
  • Straddle carriers and mobile gantries: safe, efficient solutions for handling containers and extreme oversized loads.
  • Combi-CSS container loaders: safe, fast and easy to operate, these cost effective container loading solutions that can load a 40-foot container in as little as 6 minutes.

Company Contact Details

H18 VP65

Tel: +353 47 80500

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