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Conversations about climate change : David Hopkins

David Hopkins, CEO of the Timber Trade Federation – the UK’s main trade body for timber importers, distributors, and merchants across the country, divulges into the TTF and Building Centre’s ‘Conversations about Climate Change’.

“We are running an exhibition in conjunction with the Building Centre, here [in London], called Conversations about Climate Change. As most people know, forests and timber are absolutely crucial to mitigating the effects of climate change and we want to play our role in doing that.

The timber industry is a good way of keeping forests standing, of making sure that forests are well managed and well stewarded, and that the timber that comes from them is from sustainably harvested areas. This year, 2020, was meant to be a super year for the climate and forests. COP26, the climate change talks, were going to be held in Glasgow – it’s the first time that those have been held in the UK – and we wanted to play our part in them. Most policy makers recognise that forest were going to be playing a major part in those talks, and they were going to be looking at ways in which, and financial mechanisms in which, we could keep those tropical forests standing.

The exhibition is looking to raise awareness of the issues surrounding forest management and forest governance, and we are doing this in conjunction with a policy initiative called FLEGT [Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade]. We want to make sure that we can trade only in legal and sustainable products from tropical areas, and that money goes back into those tropical countries to help maintain the forests, and help maintain the governance structures that keep them standing.

In the exhibition, we want all of the applicants to make objects which stimulate conversations about climate change, that’ll make the designers think, that’ll make an audience think, about their relationship to materials, where they come from and their impact on the natural world”.

The competition closes on the 24th August. Full details, resources and submission form can be found here.

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