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As we reach the end of Conversations about Climate Change timber design competition, we announce the next stage of our FLEGT communications.

2020 was meant to be the ‘year of climate action’ and super year for the climate and forests. This was partly through the COP26 talks, scheduled to be held in Glasgow during November. David Hopkins, CEO of the Timber Trade Federation and creator of the Conversations about Climate Change concept, notes: “most policy makers recognise that forests were going to be playing a major part in those talks [COP26], and they were going to be looking at ways in which, and financial mechanisms in which, we could keep those tropical forests standing”.

In our Conversations about Climate Change exhibition, “we want applicants to make objects which stimulate conversations about climate change, that’ll make the designers think, that’ll make an audience think, about their relationship to materials, where they come from and their impact on the natural world”, Hopkins continues. As we wait for these creations to be fabricated, we continue global conversations.

During the next couple of months, we will house a series of climate conversations: ‘In conversation with…’ with different stakeholders. These conversations will explore issues including but not limited to responsible sourcingsustainable forest managementcarbon storageFLEGTclimate change mitigation and the timber industry for a low-carbon economy.

This page will be regularly updated to include upcoming conversations and related events.

David Hopkins will chair and articulate these difficult conversations.

David is a former environmental journalist and has worked for the Times, Guardian, Independent and BBC, as well as editing several trade and industry titles focused on utility and environmental markets.

He was formerly a co-founding director of Carbon International, a clean-technology and environmental industries market development consultancy and his clients have included the London Stock Exchange, the World Bank, a variety of blue-(and green)-chip energy, water and waste majors, early stage technology start ups and their investors, and all points in between.

David is a founder and non-executive director of low-carbon community charity Carbon-Leapfrog – providing pro-bono professional services for social enterprise.

KAT SCOTT : Thursday 20th August @ 5pm ~ Via the Building Centre Instagram Live [Link here]

Kat Scott will facilitate discussion from ACAN, engaging with David Hopkins, CEO of the Timber Trade Federation, in a conversation about climate change with a focus on tropical timber.

Kat will examine Dave around aspects of the environmental impact of timber – asking what you have always wanted to know but might have been too afraid to ask – as Dave sets out the case for the use of FLEGT licenced tropical timber.

The conversation between the pair, aims to demystify FLEGT licensing, and get to the heart of important questions for designers, makers and specifiers conscious of the significance of a material’s provenience and supply chain.

Join the conversation here @ 5pm on Thursday 20th August. Follow the Building Centre on Instagram to receive a notification when they go live and ask your own questions in the live chat.

Past conversations

Vanessa Norwood

Creative Director at the Building Centre, talks about the TTF and Building Centre’s, ‘Conversations about Climate Change’ timber design competition.

David Hopkins

CEO of the Timber Trade Federation and creator of the ‘Conversations about Climate Change’ timber design competition between the TTF and Building Centre.

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