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Conversations about climate change : Vanessa Norwood

Vanessa Norwood, Creative Director at the Building Centre, talks about the Timber Trade Federations and Building Centre’s, ‘Conversations about Climate Change’ timber design competition.

“We are really excited to be working with the Timber Trade Federation on Conversations about Climate Change. It is a competition – and we want as many people to enter as possible. So we’re asking designers, architects, students – anyone that would like to join the competition – to design a piece of furniture, a model, it could be a piece of functional design, that addresses issues around climate change by starting a conversation – a conversation piece.

So, it could be a bit of furniture that you sit on and sort of talk about really practical solutions. It could be something really playful, it could be provocation or something to stimulate discussion. So we’re looking forward to receiving some great entries.

You can find out more about that on our website https://www.buildingcentre.co.uk/news/articles/conversations-about-climate-change

For more information, visit ttf.co.uk


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