Impact of digitisation on contemporary culture provides inspiration for timber sculptures made from MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME

The impact of digitisation on contemporary culture has provided inspiration for a series of outdoor timber sculptures by Rotterdam-based artist Ton Kalishoek.

Kalishoek used MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) for the sculptures which follow three design themes: people, animals and plants.

“From a creative point of view, I am particularly interested in the effect that digitisation has on our language, our way of communicating and our visual language,” said Kalishoek.

By making use of timber for the sculptures, he was able to create digitally-inspired work with the use of natural products – marrying the two worlds.

“I prefer to use state-of- the art materials, so MTX works really well,” he said. “It’s durable and is perfect for coating with the paint or metal I finish my sculptures with.”

Instead of traditional sculpture materials, such as bronze or stone, the artist prefers to make use of materials from the building, furniture and automotive industry.

Given their use in outdoor decoration, the exterior sculptures benefit from the unique characteristics of MTX.

“It’s an excellent material for my garden sculptures,” Kalishoek said. “It’s very stable and durable and does not expand or shrink in external wet environments.”

Peter Clifton, product manager for MTX, added: “The uses of this product never cease to amaze me. The features and benefits of the panel lend themselves brilliantly to projects like this, combining durability and stability with the design freedom of traditional MDF.

“With a 50-year above ground guarantee and effective resistance to fungal decay, MTX exhibits real strength in outdoor weather conditions and offers true versatility for designers and craftsmen.”


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