Lonza: Bringing Innovation & VACSOL 6118 to Market

The preservative protection of timber is such an important factor in helping to keep wood as the premier construction material choice. Effective industrially applied treatments not only greatly extend the service life of our most sustainable building material, they also add value for specifiers, merchants and their end customers.

The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) now shapes the wood preservative formulations of the future.  Andy Hodge, Marketing Director at Lonza, explains: “The BPR continues to reduce the palette of modern chemical actives available to many industries, including wood protection. Therefore we constantly need to bring innovative and focused solutions to help keep our customers at the very heart of the wood protection world.

“A key strength of the Lonza business is our full-service approach. Within these focused services we have experienced and influential regulatory experts, who not only help determine future regulation developments, but who can also make sure that the latest preservative products we offer will meet regulatory challenges and changes and, most importantly, will protect the long term business interests of our customers.

“TANALITH is our most respected and wide reaching preservative brand. Over the years we have developed our TANALITH preservatives and the way they are applied to provide the highest levels of performance and confidence across changing markets. TANALITH was the first copper-based preservative brand to gain BPR authorisation. Its ingredients are tried and tested to help provide the broadest range of protection against decay and insect attack and the built-in and innovative BARamine application technologies within TANALITH deliver premium protection results on a consistent basis. Our message for high pressure preservative treated timbers is simple – TRUST TANALITH. It will provide a future proofed path for you and your customers.

“Later this year we are also introducing our latest metal-free VACSOL preservative product for the protection of construction and joinery timbers. A patented VAC-VAC booster technology and a powerful new co-biocide in tandem will make VACSOL 6118 a really flexible product that will widen the protection possibilities. There will be wider preservative solution strength options to suit specific components to be treated, giving focused treatment uptakes that can help to lower the treatment price per litre and can also cut the amount of wasted preservative uptake in the timber packs.

“VACSOL 6118 can be used to protect traditional Use Class 1, Use Class 2 and Use Class 3 coated timbers but will also be suitable to protect some Use Class 3 external uncoated timbers. The new product is expected to be available in the Autumn of 2020 with BPR authorisation and conversion within treatment operations will be a simple process managed through the Lonza engineering and technical support teams.

“We are also developing some exciting colour options with the product that should interest our customers and potentially open new market areas for them. Correct application of wood preservatives is vital in achieving the long term protection of our timber components. Our market leading Auto-Treater treatment plant management software technology has created easy-to-use and focused control of our customers operations as well as intuitive information to help ensure cost effective treatments. We will soon be unveiling a new digital platform that will provide custom dashboards that will drive our customers’ treatment efficiency to even greater levels.”

For the complete feature read the Summer Issue of Timber Trader UK

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