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Mike Keen discusses his exciting renovation project and how SterlingOSB Zero is the answer for perfect panels

What does the project comprise of and where is it located?

The building was originally an old Colt house built in 1949, a Cedar shingled (walls and roof), three-bed single storey house with an all-timber frame on a float, with two brick fireplaces and chimneys. It had been empty for two years before we took it on and was uninhabitable. Water damage had rotted most of the chipboard walls. It sits in 1.5 acres, surrounded by fields in rural Suffolk. We added a small extension to take it to four bedrooms and totally reconfigured the living spaces. The flat roof became a pitched roof and the whole building is now vaulted. We had to replace the entire frame, incorporating some elements of the existing frame into the much-beefed-up new frame, so we remained under Building Control regulations as the extension came under permissible development. The roof is now slate with larach cladding while most of the southern-facing roof is covered with an in-roof solar system providing 6Kw. We have five Fakro roof windows on the non-solar aspects and use rainwater harvest tanks to provide water for the garden while an air source heat pump drives the underfloor heating. We have no hot water system – two electric showers and an on-demand hot tap in the kitchen provide the hot water.

Why did you choose West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero product for this project?

We wanted the project to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. SterlingOSB Zero was the obvious choice; being made in the UK was a plus for us so we cut travel costs. Zero-added formaldehyde is also a big plus; with it being in so many everyday items, reducing the amount of chemicals surrounding the family was really important. Our carpenters also prefer working with it as it is smooth and easy to use while also providing an excellent rigidity to the frame.

What do you like about the products selected? Do you regularly use these products?

It’s the first time that I’ve used the products and I’d definitely use them again. We have a second phase build planned for next year where we will convert a 25m pigsty into a kitchen and photography studio – so we’ll be using SterlingOSB Zero again.

Where has the product been used, what for purpose and how much was specified?

SterlingOSB Zero has been used throughout the building for external and interior walls and roofs.

Did you find the material easy to work with?

It’s really easy to work with; doesn’t crumble and no splinters!

How do you purchase the product? Who from? PGR in Maldon

Along with its many practical attributes, the Sterling OSB Zero range has strong environmental credentials. All West Fraser panel products produced in the UK are net carbon negative and manufactured in mills that have obtained the coveted environmental ISO 14001 accreditation. Responsibly sourced, the panels are made from locally grown timber, cutting embodied carbon from transportation. Sterling OSB Zero is also the first OSB product to be made in the UK with zero added formaldehyde, ensuring an even greener’ board that meets all standards with ease.

To find out more about West Fraser’s products for housebuilders, get in touch with Dan Clarke – email [email protected] or download product brochures from the housebuilder page of the West Fraser website https://uk.westfraser.com/housebuilders/

For further information on West Fraser’s products, call 01786 812 921 or visit Uk.westfraser.com

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