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SR Timber boss sets out impact of Brexit on importing to Nicky Morgan MP

SR Timber trading director Shaun Revill joined business leaders to tell Conservative MP Nicky Morgan about the stark realities that businesses are facing as the uncertainty around Brexit continues.

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Buoyant trade

As demand for timber and timber products grows, there has been a continuing increase in the volume of material being imported into the UK, creating a booming trade for our ports.

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Low growth for 2019 forecast at Timber Trade Federation’s UK Softwood Conference

Over 200 international softwood producers, traders and their customers from across the supply chain gathered in London for the Timber Trade Federation’s annual UK Softwood Conference earlier this month.

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Restrictions on import and movement of oak into England to protect native trees from pests

Restrictions have been introduced on the import of most species of oak into England as part of new regulations to protect native trees from the threat of Oak Processionary Moth (OPM). The movement of certain oak trees into the UK’s OPM Protected Zone (an area of the EU declared free of the pest) is banned unless specific conditions are met. ...

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