Thinking Big with Timbermark

Timbermark ID Systems has launched a new range of handheld thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers from Chinese manufacturer Zhuhai Bentsai Printing Technology Co. Ltd and are ideal for pallets and packaging.

The B3, B35 and B85 printers each offer some exciting new features, including larger printing size, a refillable ink cartridge system, and highly competitive equipment pricing.  One of the most interesting features of the new range is the size of the print head. The standard cartridge in the B35 and B85 printers is 2.54cm (1 inch) high, which is twice the height of the classic HP product.

With the new larger print capability, designs have far greater impact, and visibility from a greater distance. Additionally, the 1” cartridges are available in aqueous and solvent variants, so the printer can work on porous substrates such as paper and timber, and non-porous substrates such as metal, plastic or glass.

Timbermark sees great potential for these new products across many industries and anticipates keen interest, particularly from pallet and case making businesses. Pallet manufacturers can use the 1”, B35 model to print stacks of assembled pallets, using the hand printer and guide rail. The ISPM HT mark is produced particularly effectively using this technique, and results in a mark that is super-sharp, sized 25mm high by 50-60mm long, and can be applied in around one second.

Additionally, there is a ‘group print’ feature, which allows the user to select multiple designs. The job is configured by the operator from the touch screen, and the printer cycles through the designs in the order selected. In this way, a pallet with a different stamp on each block can be marked without changing the printer setup, making the job as quick and as easy as stencilling, but with the quality of a desktop printer.

Packing case manufacturers can use the B80 model, which has a market-leading, 100mm high print effect. This is achieved by stacking four of the 1” heads and synchronising the printing through a contact encoder wheel to keep the print heads in registration. A guide rail for this printer is available in a customisable length, up to 1.8m long, to suit a variety of applications. The rails are inexpensive and are available separately, so that a series of rails can be used to produce a jig suitable for each printing job.

The B80 can print perfect shipping logos onto plywood and OSB. Customer logos can be printed to exact specifications, often for designs that would be impossible to achieve with a stencil or rubber stamp. The system is so precise that, on most substrates, it can print a machine-readable bar code or matrix code. This opens new possibilities for accessing online documentation such as data sheets or hazardous goods info, by scanning a QR code from a smartphone.

A USB database feature can be used for printing variable data, such as writing customer addresses on the panel. The data is saved on USB as a .csv file and loaded to the device. The user can then select the starting point and assign a column of data to each variable field in the design.

For a limited period, Timbermark is offering free demos on this product range, administered through a Sale or Return agreement on their e-commerce website: www.t-mark.co.uk For further information please contact the Timbermark sales team on: [email protected]

For the complete Cover Story feature read the Spring 2021 Issue of Timber Trader UK

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