Timber Focus: Focusing on the Future

Timber Focus is a key timber distributor for the UK and Ireland mainly supplying products through timber merchants and also working closely with architects and specifiers. We asked a few questions about how trade is keeping and what products are popular.

“We have had to find ways to define new markets in which to sell our products while meeting the needs of our loyal customers,” says Andrew Goto, Head of Sales UK and Ireland. “Timber Focus has been in a very strong position as our machined timber profiles for cladding, decking and fencing are supplied from many European Countries, mainly Puidukoda OU based in Estonia, who have been fortunate enough not to experience shutdowns.

“This has allowed us to have extra timber volumes leading us to gain new customers and the ability to serve our current clients. We have also embraced the use of technology selling products on various platforms such as Woodscanner something most people would not have expected to be ordering full loads of our timber products from an online portal.”

As the future is uncertain as the pandemic continues, there is still room for optimism in the industry with Timber Focus seeing a big demand on the DIY range of its SertiWOOD® products. “SertiWOOD® is a premium range of timber products distributed in the UK by us that include the pre-painted or factory finished range,” says Andrew. “These are finished in a factory environment with the cladding supplied with an external coating warranty ranging from a minimum five years to over 10 years. They are manufactured to meet all design trends from shabby chic and contemporary for internal and external design. The SertiWOOD® range allow for unique surface designs and finishes such as a charred burnt effect.”

Alongside product safety and reliable performance in-use, responsibly sourced material and chain of custody certification such as FSC and PEFC-certified timber products are more essential than ever. “There is increasing pressure on all timber businesses to supply legal and sustainable timber and it is mandatory to ensure that all wood supplied on the UK market conforms to the European Timber Regulation (EUTR), adds Andrew. “We hold both FSC and PEFC certification.  It has become paramount to follow the guidance of bodies such as FSC and PEFC that allows for the quick assessment of the supply chain through chain of custody to minimise the risk of illegal and unstainable wood entering the supply chain.”

Timber Focus is a partner to Puidukoda OU and Groupe Rose, making them a very strong, reliable group on machined profiles in softwoods and timber cladding and have having partnerships in France and Estonia has given them the flexibility to supply a volatile market.

It will also stand them in good stead to carry them through the Brexit transition, allowing for more stock holding at the docks – key to merchant and DIY customers. “We have been active in the UK for two years now,” says Andrew. “As a new organisation we have gained a number of loyal customers which we will continue to support and we are looking for more customers not just in the building, timber merchant and DIY markets but we are looking at developing the agricultural sector for wood round poles and posts and increasing our stockholding at both Harwich Docks and our Staffordshire base.”

For the complete feature read the Autumn issue of Timber Construction

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