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Trade Partner of the Year 2021 is…

The winner is Woodsafe Timber Production, who delivers fire-impregnated Swedish wood worldwide. The prize is awarded by the Association of Trade Partners Sweden at a digital ceremony in connection with the Trade Partner Summit 2021.

The motivation:

Woodsafe Timber Protection is a leading manufacturer of fire-impregnated wood in Europe with the whole of Europe as its market. In recent years, dream project after dream project has been checked off, now only one dream remains: to build with Swedish wood in space!

As an example, Woodsafe have delivered to the world’s tallest wooden house (Mjöstornet), the world’s largest roof on Gardemoens PirNord, to Europe’s largest city centre block in wood – Hagastaden in Stockholm, they are official sponsors and will delivered all wood that can be impregnated to Sweden’s Pavilion in World Expo Dubai.

Woodsafe has never lost sales or volume in 31 years and last year when the whole world was put on hold, they had their best year ever. Their strategic goal is to establish themselves in more countries and today thet receive inquiries and interest from players in Greece, Poland, Chile, Belgium, Italy, France, the UK and more. Already today, they deliver to their home markets Sweden, Norway, Denmark as well as Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and more.

An ambitious company that we look forward to following!

Thomas Bengtsson, CEO and founder of Woodsafe Timber Protection comments on the award:

“I feel very honored to be named Trade Partner of the Year 2021, to be awarded this nomination feels great. Team Woodsafe’s journey extends over 30 years and receiving this award is proof that our business concept and efforts for sustainable construction with wood were and are a good decision.

In the rearview mirror, we started out with two empty hands but with a strong belief in the business idea that today has established Woodsafe to a key role in the wood industry where our services enable the use of wood that otherwise would not have been possible due to the fire risk, which feels fantastic. We have fought hard for a long time, but purposefully and the result of our success speaks its own clear language.

We are now looking forward to new challenges in the international market that are knocking on the door of Woodsafe. More fantastic projects will be presented in the near future. It is now that the journey begins in earnest.”

Helena Waker, CEO, Trade Partners Sweden, says the following about this year’s Trade Partner of the Year:

“The situation that players in international trade have found themselves in after a year with a pandemic makes it is extra important to pay attention to the fantastic work that is being done. Therefore, we are very happy to announce this year’s Trade Partner who has made a fantastic journey during their 31 active years. We are inspired by their visionary approach where nothing sets the limits for how big you can dream, making it possible to take wood from Sweden out into the world and the, perhaps, universe!”

About Woodsafe Timber Protection

Woodsafe Timber Protection is a link between the client and the wood industry. The company performs an impregnation process of different types of wood which means that the wood’s natural fire properties are raised to the highest possible to achieve for wood and plywood. This means that when a multi-storey building is in the making and with the desire to use wood as a facade cladding, it would not have been possible if it were not for our refining process. The same applies to wooden panels indoors in e.g. evacuation routes, concert halls, sporting arenas and more. Ordinary wood could not have been used in such applications, but it is now made possible. The Woodsafe factory is located outside Västerås, which has been completely adapted, developed and made more efficient for fire impregnation. The production is CO2-neutral where all our need for electricity is produced from our own solar energy plant and all our herating energy is produced with wood pellets which are also CO2-neutral. Woodsafe was founded by Thomas Bengtsson 31 years ago and is today considered to be the leading manufacturer of fire-impregnated wood in Europe by the industry, with the whole of Europe as its’ market.

About Association of Trade Partners Sweden

Association of Trade Partners Sweden was founded in 1914 and has extensive experience in improving business opportunities for companies. Our members include agents, distributors, designers, importers or suppliers who are active in a number of different industries. For example fashion, furniture & interior design, food & beverage and the industry sector.

Our mission is to create the best possible conditions for our members. We are the partner that many companies lack and need for their businesses to develop and become successful.

More info: www.woodsafe.com

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