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Company Overview

West Fraser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood-based panel products. Our products, all FSC certified, are used extensively in the construction, DIY and furniture sectors. Our brands, SterlingOSB Zero, CaberWood MDF and CaberFloor are well known in the construction industry and are commonly specified by architects, national housebuilders and specifiers.


SterlingOSB Zero The Only UK-Manufactured OSB With Zero-Added Formaldehyde. The SterlingOSB Zero Range Contains Various Profiles And Finishes To Suit A Multitude Of Applications, And Meets All Building Standards. 

SterlingOSB Zero OSB3 – SterlingOSB Zero OSB3 is a precision-engineered OSB3 board for structural use in load bearing and challenging conditions.  It performs well in humid conditions, making it ideal for house building and construction. BBA approved, it now contains zero added formaldehyde.

SterlingOSB Zero Tongue & Groove – SterlingOSB Zero T&G is a precision-engineered tongued and grooved board for use in flat roof decking and flooring applications. With no knots and voids, you get the same high quality with every single board.  It performs in humid conditions, making it ideal for house building and construction.

SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix – Specifically designed for dry lining applications, SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix is precision engineered with a custom groove for metal C-studs at 600mm centres. Superior to ply, OSB has a consistent density meaning you can attached anywhere on the panel for secure anchorage of up to 400kg.

SterlingOSB Zero Fire Solutions – Reduce the risk of fire spread during construction of timber frame buildings.  SterlingOSB Zero Fire Solutions has been developed specifically in response to the STA (Structural Timber Association) published guidelines for reducing fire spread in large (total floor area >600m2) timber frame buildings during the construction phase when fire resistant finishes (dry lining) are not yet in place.  The purpose of these guidelines is to reduce potential radiant heat emissions to acceptable levels, so that the risk of fire spread to neighbouring buildings is controlled should a fire occur during the construction process.

Norbord CaberDek


CaberFloor P5 – The UK’s most specified moisture resistant P5. Stable, durable and easy to lay.

CaberDek – An 18mm or 22mm thickness flooring panel offering increased protection from the elements, CaberDek combines the UK’s market leading particleboard flooring with a tough, waterproof and slip-resistant film.  Protected from weather and dirt for up to 42 days, CaberDek’s strong film can be removed after work leaving a clean finished floor – ready for further flooring applications.

CaberShieldPlus – Our tough P5 flooring with a permanent, waterproof coating on both sides.  An advanced product designed for the unpredictable British weather. Our P5 chipboard is coated on both sides with a tough, waterproof coating. Double-sided, the top side is non-slip to ensure a safe working platform, whereas the underside is smooth enabling the board to easily slide into place.


CaberFix D4 – CaberFix D4 is a solvent-free, one-component polyurethane adhesive for use with West Fraser’s CaberDek and CaberShieldPlus. It’s ideal for bonding flooring boards to both joists and tongue and groove joints, and for sealing the board edges.

CaberFix D3 – CaberFixT&G® is a powerful, fast-setting PVA D3 glue designed for fixing CaberDek and other West Fraser tongue and groove flooring products. T&G is water resistant and forms a strong, hard and rigid glue line.

CaberFix Joint & Joist – Used to create a strong, silent and flexible bond, Joint & Joist will bond to a wide variety of materials and can also be used to provide a 100% guaranteed waterproof seal in tongue and groove joints between boards.

CaberFix Pro Kit – A powerful sealing and fixing system, recommended for installing West Fraser’s CaberDek flooring. Widely used by national house builders, the system consists of CaberFix D3 adhesive, CaberFix Joint & Joist adhesive and CaberFix Tapes.

CaberFix Tape – CaberFix Tape® is a polyethylene-coated cloth tape for sealing CaberDek perimeters to walls and for sealing joints during construction phases. It will stick well to irregular surfaces, is easy to tear and has high peel strength.

CaberFix X-Treme Tape – Designed specifically for installing CaberDek in harsh winter conditions. CaberFix X-treme is a highly durable, scuff resistant acrylic tape ideal for use in harsh weather. CaberFix X-treme works in conditions up to -21°C, and its super strong acrylic adhesive means it bonds well in damp conditions, and does not lift when wet.

West Fraser CaberWood MDF

CaberWood MDF

CaberWood MDF Trade – CaberWood MDF Trade is a versatile, high quality Medium Density Fibreboard, ideal for end uses where weight is a design requirement – such as shop fitting and caravan manufacture. The board is lighter, making it useful for multiple applications. It is also ideal for painting

CaberWood MDF Trade MR – Excellent stability in damp conditions. CaberWood MDF Trade Moisture Resistant is a premium grade MDF designed for interior applications in humid environments. It gives you all the benefits of CaberWood MDF Trade with the added advantage of moisture resistance.

CaberWood MDF Pro – A premium grade MDF with a uniform density across the board. Suitable for straightforward machine and surface finishing, it gives you the benefits of timber without the natural defects. CaberWood MDF Pro has superior screw and fastener holding, along with the ability to handle intricate edge profiling and surface routing.

CaberWood MDF Pro MR – A superior board with excellent stability in damp conditions. CaberWood MDF Pro Moisture Resistant is a premium grade MDF designed for interior applications in humid environments. It gives you all the benefits of CaberWood MDF Pro with the added advantage of moisture resistance.

CaberWood MDF Industrial – A board with first-class performance. CaberWood MDF Industrial offers a high level of performance when being used with woodworking tools. It is the ultimate MDF, ideal for advanced routing, allowing more complicated profiles to be cut.

Company Contact Details

West Fraser
Hill Village
South Molton
EX36 4HP

Tel: +44 (0)1769 572 991

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